Violetta’s Closet

Welcome to Violetta's Closet!  This is a photo gallery featuring some of our favorite clothes Violetta will soon be wearing.  Anyone who has been around me and a camera will know it'll probably be a lot of pictures; like a whole lot of pictures.  And as we add more, I'll put them into various albums for easier viewing, like: "dresses", "onesies and undies", and "Daddy has absolutely no idea what this is, but Mommy calls it a [something]".

12 thoughts on “Violetta’s Closet

  1. Adore this onesie! Softened geometric with a spot of color here and there. Fabulous! Violetta will rock the runway in this show stopper!

  2. Summer casual meets country flair! Love it! This piece is sure to be seen on Violetta jet setting from Martha’s Vineyard to Myrtle Beach. With a flip flop, barefoot, or a canvas wedge, she is sure to make this one of her summer staples! You’ve done it again, Violetta!!

  3. This onesie and undie just says “fun, fun, fun!!” From the boardwalk to the sandbox, wherever Violetta is there’s sure to be a party!

  4. In this day dress and leggings model du jour, Violetta really raises the fashion bar. Here she makes a bold statement. Her outfit almost saying “just because we are infants doesn’t mean we have to dress like babies.” A very sophisticated a nd versatile look indeed. Your style savvy never ceases to amaze , Violetta!

  5. Chris Tucker had it right! That’s phat- PHAT! In this hoodie and sweats, Violetta sheds the baby weight with ease. And in this athletic number, she can stay on the go while looking great as always! Viola, Violetta! You’ve done it again!

  6. No short, short for our girl. But Violetta is all about showing off her own personal style, fashion sense, panache, and a lot of…. leg??? Make that leggings!! Violetta for ever the fashion trendsetter on the infant scene, wows us yet again with this pairing. Here Violetta has a cozy synchilla just great for those après ski occasions taking her from slopes to sky lounges and an absolutely eye catching, can’t be missed, great looking, green pair of leggings, she puts together effortlessly yet with a sense of style an once so refined and cavalier we are left literally begging! What’s next from the fashionista diva??!!??

  7. Toasty warm! Totally wow! Violetta shows us that even über diva infants want to feel comfortable AND look FANfabulous! Here Violetta pairs a pleasingly, pink Patagonia set for those chilly days she just wants to feel comfy, cozy and as always CHIC! This lovely pair does just that! It has a mock, slight v-neck to keep Violetta cozy and warm even on the windiest day in Aspen darting from Hermes to Louis Vuitton. And this Patagonia set has horizontal stripes with touches of white and grey to keep the look vibrant but never loud. Because Violetta knows what every newborn girl should, “The fans should notice you! You never should do anything that makes them notice you!” Oh Violetta! Not a problem for you! All eyes are you the minute you enter a room! Yet again, Violetta shows us how comfortable, cozy can be transformed to Voguesque Violetta style!!! This infant fashionista wrote the book on looking great and feeling fab while doing it!!

  8. As a newborn ambassador of fashion to the House of Givenchy, Violetta was quoted as saying, “When I previewed the Givenchy fall 2013 line and saw the front zip dress, I knew it would be an instant hit!” Clearly this was Violetta’s inspiration with this teal Patagonia, double exposed zip zag, front, mock turtle neck, cold weather gear suit with footies. “Absolutely it was!” says Violetta, “Zip it up. Zip it down. There’s no wrong way to zip!” Ahh, Violetta! Only you can make fashion so stylish and simple! With that trademark Violetta smile! And with Violetta sporting this look, dressing it up and down, showing the amazing versatility of the exposed zipper look, it is sure to be one of the season’s hottest looks! Well Violetta, once again you look stunning and you have on the perfect look with an edge that still turns heads! So very Violetta!!

  9. “Baby Closepins and broken baby closepins” is Violetta’s first real demonstration of her true artistic ability. This avant garde piece at once shows the world, Violetta is far more than just a pretty face who looks great in a t-shirt and diapers. The mixture of broken and unbroken pins shows that both have a purpose, a place, in society; neither are to be disregarded or ignored.
    At the premier unveiling at the Met NYC, Violetta’s manager, Aunt Sara was quoted as saying, “Obviously, Violetta’s message in this piece transcends mere clothespins. Her immense intellect, sensitivity and concern for humanity is unrivaled. Her “clothespins” message may be applied to the indigent, veterans, orphans, forgotten animals, abandoned historical sites and forestry. Violetta’s meaning is universal.” Violetta has stunned and amazed the critics with this piece and left them begging and on the edge of their seats waiting to see what’s next from this scene stealing starlet!! Versatile Violetta you will always be centerstage and critically acclaimed!

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