About 6 years ago, we created a wedding blog called "Ryan's Out West".  Well, the two "Ryan's Out West" have decided it's about time to grow up and add a third; little Peanut Ryan.  This blog will follow our adventures into parenthood, and allow our family and friends to share in the journey.  Our due date is set for mid September! Peanut Revealed Some answers to commonly asked questions:
  • Why is the website "Peanut" Ryan?  When we shared the great news with our family, our baby was the size of a peanut.  Since we didn't know the sex, Peanut became a nickname and the name just stuck.
  • Is 'Violetta' your baby's name?  Yes it is!
  • Why 'Violetta'?  As a child, Amelia used to pick flowers with her mother, and violets were a shared favorite between the two of them.  We both liked 'Violet' but wanted to have something a little more pretty and unique sounding to the name.
  • What's Violetta's middle name?  Her middle name is 'Camille' in honor of Amelia's mother.
  • Why are you doing this website?  I wanted to let family and friends stay in touch with our pregnancy, and hopefully get a laugh or two about how ill-prepared I am with all things baby-related.  I have zero experience with babies - Violetta will be the first baby that I've ever held, not to mention the first baby I'll have changed.
  • Will you keep doing this after Violetta is born?  Definitely - it's been a lot of fun.  I imagine there will be a lot more pictures though and less writing once she's born.
Violetta's excited to meet everyone!  But before she's born, here are some questions for you to guess the answers to:

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  1. After hearing the rumors and reading the gossip columns and fashions blogs, I conclude Violetta will be making her debut September 12, 2013. It just makes perfect sense! It will be an amazing grand finale to close out Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC and an ideal time for her to assume her role as head of the Ryan House of Fasion in time for fall 2013. With all the upcoming red carpet events Violetta is sure to be requested at for fall and winter, not to mention preparation for her upcoming spring and summer lines, it makes sense that she and her lead design consultant, Mommy Amelia, would be confident making Violetta Camille Ryan not only a member but the center of attention at the Ryan House of Fashion for 2013 for September! The absolute perfect baby, mommy pair! For seven months now, Mommy Amelia has been with Violetta 24/7. They’ve been inseparable. Violetta literally has been absorbing Mommy’s design savvy. And now in just another two months, Violetta will be prepared for all these crucial fashion decisions! She’s also been listening to Digital Daddy, trying to get his unique perspective on angles and images, the view behind the lens. And she’s been in on more than a few conference calls with Mommy Amelia and her manager, Aunt Sara, really learning who the players in the industry are and how the game works and to be fair and scrupulous while maintaining high morals and making a profit. So she’s prepared. She’s been sufficiently prepped. And September 12 is just enough time to let Violetta finish up a few correspondence, some calls, thank you letters, and a research paper on newborn girls and their self esteem she’s been working on for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. So I think this will be it! I believe September 12 to be the big day, the debut, the grand finale, the closing act, the show stopping act that will bring down the house, bring the crowd to their feet and to tears!!! But frankly, any day, anytime will be divine for this little angel to enter our lives.
    And thank you so much Amelia and Todd for allowing me to be even a small part of your daughter’s life. It is a blessing mere words cannot describe. Gratitude. – Cousin Kimmy

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