Entering the Home Stretch!

We're officially entering the home stretch as we move into the third trimester! And we can finally kick our feet up at home now that we've fully moved out of the apartment and into our new house.  June was a busy month for us, but we still found time to do lots of fun activities like swimming at the pool, baking chocolate chip cookies and helping Momma make a birthday cake for Daddy.  Violetta also loves to pick out outfits for you, Lil' Peanut! It's a good thing V has her Momma's taste in clothing, so you don't have anything to worry about Peanut!
Of course, our very favorite thing to do is reading books to Baby Sister!  Violetta enjoys reading "I'm a Big Sister" book to her baby sister cabbage patch doll (which was Momma's baby doll when she was growing up).  At night, Violetta will give "baby sister" (that's what she calls her doll - baby sister) a bottle of milk to drink, then burps her by gently patting her back.  Next, Violetta will read "I'm a Big Sister" to her doll, then tuck her into bed and give her a kiss goodnight.  It's honestly one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  Little Peanut, your older sister absolutely adores you and plans to read you countless books every night before bedtime.
And that bedtime routine is just in time Lil' Peanut, because you are now sleeping in regular intervals - the only problem is your night and day times are swapped.  Momma hasn't slowed down during the day, and all that movement gently rocks you to sleep; and at night, we can feel you tumbling around. You have also started tickling Momma with your little hiccups!  While I can't feel you hiccup, I can definitely feel you karate chop Momma.  We like playing a game of pushing back on wherever you happen to be pushing out on Momma's belly.  I hope you like it as much as we do!  Another fun game we play is shining a flashlight on Momma's belly. With your eyesight developing more each day, you're able to see light filtering through the womb.  When you're born, your eyesight will be about 20/400 and you will only be able to see objects that are very close to your face.  Don't worry Lil' Peanut, that won't be a problem for you - we'll be snuggling right up next to your face all the time, so you'll have plenty of face time with Momma, Daddy and Violetta! Vivi is giving you lots of kisses at the start of Week 27!  In week 28, she's holding up a dress she picked out for you - when she saw it she said, "Ooohhhh, for Baby Sister?".  In week 29, she's giving you more kisses!  And week 30 has Momma saying you are getting big!