Cousin Party!

May went by in a blur!  We've been in the house for about 3 weeks now, and it's been unbelievable how much has changed.  Over that time, we've gone from moving into someone else's house to living in our new home.  While we loved our quaint house in Portland, it will be immensely easier raising a family in our new home. When we first moved in, our kitchen was nothing more than and completely wide open and blank space.  Half our house was the original color, the other half the new color.  As you grew more each day, it started taking a toll on Momma and her "6 flights of stairs every time she needed to get into the fridge" trips.  Although you, Momma and Vivi were often on day-long errand trips for all the renovations - constantly on the move.  Now, we enjoy relaxing on the couch asking ourselves if this really is our house.
One of the best parts of the house is how close it is to family.  We were so fortunate to celebrate Memorial Day with your cousins!  Finn and Auntie Bekah were in town visiting, so we had to get the little munchkins together.  I can't believe it's been nearly 5 months since we had them all in the same room, it's gone by so quickly.  Finn and Vivi had so much fun together, as if not more than a day went by since they last were playing together.  Seeing Avery go through her growth stages is so much fun - we get excited knowing we'll have a new Peanut that was "really that small" once.  Seeing how nice Finn and Vivi play with Avery, we know you already have 3 brand new best friends that will be so excited to play with you.
Look who's looking - it's you little Peanut!  Your eyes are beginning to open during week 26, and you've started responding to the flashlight on our phones.  Hopefully your aim improves over the coming weeks, because Momma's lower abdomen is the primary target for your swift jabs and kicks.  The network of nerves in your ears is becoming better developed and more sensitive, and you can now distinguish my voice from Momma's and Vivi's.  You actually probably think you have a few siblings: one that likes to scream talk very loudly, another that is often very sad, and another that reads books to you, sings songs and kisses you through Momma's belly.  You are also responding to these different voices by moving around or an increase in your pulse.  You're also inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, and are preparing you for your first gulp of air.  You're just over 1.5 pounds and nearly 14 inches from head to heel. This was the first week since we moved into our house that we could take a weekly picture laying down on a couch!  Whew!
And next week, we're planning on going swimming!