We Love Our House, We Love Our Nest!

Little Peanut, if the phrase "we love our house, we love our nest" sounds familiar, it's because we read "The Best Nest" nearly every night at bedtime.  It's one of Violetta's favorite books and she'll help read along with us.  We've been very busy getting our new home ready to be our new nest, and Momma and I are so excited for the fun and favorite memories to come in our nest. Whether it's at school, ballet practice or even the grocery store, Violetta is so excited to tell everyone that she's going to be a Big Sister.  It's been so much fun seeing her grow and mature into an older sibling, and you're not even born yet!  We have no doubt that you have a best friend for life in your Big Sister.  She loves you so much!  At night, if we tuck Violetta in a bit too tight, she'll yelp out "Oh no, too tight!  It'll hurt my baby!  Too tight!" Violetta is so happy to have you in her life, that she and many of her stuffed animals are all carrying little babies too. Along with the near total home renovation, we've been busy getting ready for the upcoming weekends.  This weekend we had Violetta's first ballet dress rehearsal.  Next week is her first recital and right after that, we have the Big Reveal party where we find out if our Little Peanut is a boy or girl!
We're cruising into week 24 and you've added nearly a quarter of your body weight - you're now tipping in around 1 1/3 pounds!  Along with that extra weight, you're also getting taller and you're about a foot long.  This will be one of the last weeks where your skin is still thin and translucent.  Of all the home renovations, the one that you're able to start discerning is the kitchen now that you're taste buds are developing further.  Your lungs are branching out into the respiratory "tree" and the cells are producing surfactant; this substance will help your tiny air sacs in your lungs inflate once you take your first breaths in the outside world! Momma's belly is starting to show a beautiful baby bump.  Nearly every night around 9:30, she doubles over from an incredibly strong, swift kick to her lower abdomen.  Like Violetta, Little Peanut you've got some serious leg strength! IMG_3128