Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is one of the most special days of the year - Mother's Day!  Little Peanut, you're giving Momma the best gift on Mother's Day - you!  I couldn't think of a better gift than having another baby!  And you're so lucky because your Momma is the best Mother around.  Every day she makes sure to take it extra careful because she wants to ensure you continue to grow and stay healthy. It's also your Auntie B's first Mother's Day, so it's an extra special day today! This past Friday, Nonno came up to help us get ready for our big move and first night in our new house. Nonno and Vivi! Along with staying our first night in our new house, your Big Sister spent her first night in her new Big Girl bed!  We read lots of books to both of you - one of Vivi's favorites is 'The Best Nest'.  Your Mommy and I can't wait to meet you and read you and Vivi books together! As soon as the lights were off, Vivi rolled over, draped her arm over my neck and said "No Daddy, please sleep here by me tonight". Being a Dad is the best, most incredible experience I could have ever imagined. And on top of that, Violetta slept in until 9am the next morning!  She probably would have slept a little longer, but your Daddy may have woken her up by taking pictures of her first morning in her Big Girl bed.  Wouldn't be the first time I've woken her up by taking her picture - she's just so stinking adorable! We had lots of fun celebrating Mother's Day with you Lil' Peanut!  Momma painted your Big Sister's fingers before heading out for brunch. Lil' Peanut, we're caught up now as you enter week 23 - that's almost 6 months!  For Mother's Day, Momma, your Sister and you had a little dance party.  That's right, your sense of movement is so well developed now, that you can feel it when Momma dances and you were moving along with her!  You've grown from a squash to a mango - officially entering the tropical fruit stage of your development.  Your ears are becoming more keen and you can begin to pick up the sounds of the outside world.  Loud noises are becoming familiar to you and won't faze you when you hear them outside the womb. Noises like the vacuum cleaner or your Big Sister's tantrums - which is very good since your room is so close to hers!

Getting a kiss from your Big Sister!