A Little Behind!

Well, the title says it all - and I don't mean Lil' Peanut's bottom - this post is a little behind! It's been a busy past few months as we get ready for the newest Ryan's arrival.  We've been hard at work getting our new house "move in" ready.  Last week, Gigi and Omr came down to help us clean the house, hang the previous kitchen cabinets in the garage, and we even got Vivi's new 'Big Girl' bed all ready for her! All that work meant we were all on the move, and lil' Peanut so were you!  Momma felt all kinds of kicks, bumps and jumps.  While your Big Sister hasn't felt you kick yet, she does kiss Momma's belly and tell you how much she loves you every morning!  Lil' Peanut, you're so lucky to have such a loving and caring older sibling! With the Ohio allergy season in full swing, Ol' Dad's immune system took a hit and came down with a little cold.  Lil' Peanut, I'm very sorry but I passed it along to Momma too. Hopefully that little cold Momma had will help build up your immune system - you're going to need it with that Big Sister of yours! While we just started week 23, I don't want to skip what happened last week because literally every day you're changing and developing more!  Last week, you were already the size of a squash!  Yes, a squash - I can't believe how big you are!  Not only are you bigger, but your lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct.  You even how tiny tooth buds beneath your gums!  While your eyes have formed, the irises (colored part of the eyes) still lack pigment.  You also probably have more hair than Daddy does now, as lanugo (fine little hairs) now covers your body.

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  1. Great to see this post! Love the pics, thanks for sharing. ❤️❤️💜💜

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