Upgrading PeanutRyan to version 2.0!

It's been a while since we've added a new post, and decided the next one should be about upgrading Peanut Ryan to version 2.0.  That's right, we've added a new Peanut to the Ryan family! We won't get to meet him/her for a few more months.  Momma's expected due date is Sept 3, a day after Violetta's 3rd birthday! Violetta is incredibly excited to be a Big Sister!  After seeing her little cousin Avery on the day she was born, Vivi rubbed Momma's belly and said lovingly "you have baby in there".  It was very cute and endearing, but Momma and I knew she wasn't pregnant.  At least that's what we thought until moments later Momma came out with a positive pregnancy test!  So little Peanut Ryan, please know you and your Big Sister already have a loving bond! Since the last post, we've packed up and left Oregon to move back closer to our families in Columbus, Ohio.  We're in the process of remodeling and are counting down the days until we can move into our new home. We're cruising along into week 21, and we're looking forward to learning all about our new Peanut's baby development.  Vivi loves playing with Momma and her little brother or sister! At 21 weeks, our little Peanut is closer to a carrot.  Coming in just over 10 inches, this is the first week that Peanut has been able to stretch their legs and will now be measured from "head to toe".  Up through week 20, babies are measured "crown to rump".  This is because for the first 20 weeks, a baby's legs are curled up against their torso, so measurements must be taken from their head to bottom.  Speaking of bottom, they have been producing meconium - an easily recognizable by-product of a baby's growing digestive system.  While all stretched, our 'Lil One could even be sucking their fingers. Peanut loves going to yoga with Momma and frequent kicks are felt during the Savasana, Bridge, and ironically Happy Baby poses.  We've been taking advantage of our gym's child care hours on the weekends, as V puts it "so we can exercise".  Peanut is working out alongside Momma with lots of swimming and like their older sister, a strong kick.