The Fastest Year of Our Lives!

One year ago on September 2 at exactly 8:00pm, our lives irrevocably changed when we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Violetta Camille, into this world.

You were all grins for the camera and you were only 14 hours old!


You were just under an hour old in this picture. Seeing your birth and my first "skin to skin" time with you will always be my favorite memory of you.

Lil' Vivi, since that moment you have been changing every single day.  Every day you are building on what you did yesterday, or you are doing something entirely new.  We've taken well over 20,000 pictures in your first year, so it's safe to say that we've captured the majority of those changes; it's also safe to say that your Daddy is (very) crazy.

Happy birthday to you, lil Vivi!


"You're kidding me? You mean I get to go into that crib with all of those pink balloons?! I'm so excited!"


You had so much fun with those balloons!

Thinking back to my 34 Years BC, I realize that you are not the only one who has been growing and changing.  Violetta, you have helped me grow in ways that I did not even know where possible; ways that you may not understand until you have children of your own.  Being blessed to call you my Daughter is the most amazing, the most fulfilling, and the most rewarding gift possible.  Before you were born, I thought getting up in the middle of the night to care for a crying baby would be taxing; I thought it was a little gross when I'd see parents clean their baby's faces with their hand, and then lick their fingers to clean another area on their face; and I thought how can you love someone when you haven't even met them.  You have shown me that waking up at 2am to rock you back to sleep means that I get to comfort and protect you when things aren't right or you're upset; I now eat the food off your face even when there's a napkin around just because it's faster - and it's not gross at all; and without a doubt, you've shown me that "unconditional love at first sight" is possible.

"Daddy, please tell me again how much you love me"

  Mommy and I had so much fun planning your birthday.  Our family flew out to see you and we rented a cabin in Sunriver to celebrate your special day.  Your favorite cousin Finn came out too.  You two had so much fun playing together; and we had so much fun watching the two of you together.  I don't know who enjoyed it more - the two of you or the rest of us. We decorated the cabin inside and out in purple.  There was purple everywhere: purple decorations, purple flowers, and of course, purple cake!  The morning of your birthday party, Mommy made sure all the guys were on schedule with the party prep, while Gigi and Auntie Bekah played with you and Finn.

Daddy only had time to take a single picture before he was back at work helping out.  Ok, maybe there was more than one picture...


A picture for each month. Deciding which picture to pick was very hard - there are so many cute pictures of you!


Your 'first birthday' sign was a big hit!


Purple on purple, on purple, on purple, and on and on!


Mommy got your beautiful birthday dress during a work trip in Europe

Some pictures from the long weekend...

Two incredibly happy, excited and proud Parents!


Mommy loves squeezing you while you're squeezing your new doll from Auntie Sara

Everyone had fun singing "Happy Birthday" to you - and thank you Auntie Bekah for the videos! You loved your cake too! You had quite the sugar rush almost immediately, and you started crying while grabbing fistfuls of cake!  This is likely because we kept you up well past your afternoon nap, and then gave you a huge piece of three-tier cake with lots of frosting!

You wasted no time at all!


"Nnyyummm yumm yummm yum!"


"Mommy and Daddy, why didn't I get a nap earlier?!"


"Wait, no - I don't want a nap, I need more cake!"


"Ok guys, I'm fine - I just got a little excited there and lost control for a moment"


"That cake was good! Can we have some again soon?"

  Your Mommy and I love watching you grow up.  When you first born, we were so careful to cradle and support your little head; and now, we're so careful to keep a safe distance from your lil' chompers!  This watermelon was not so lucky... It's only been a few weeks since you took your first step, and now you're walking everywhere.  In fact, you really only crawl in the evenings when your little legs are worn out. And you figured out how to down climb off the couch by scooting back and letting your legs slowly descend to the floor, and then off you go!  And you literally do laps climbing up the stairs.  We do lots of stair climbs before nap and bedtime to wear you out because you have so much energy!

"I just like moving.  A lot."

Here you are attempting your first somersault - I really thought you were going to do it! Your first time on the swing was a huge success!   Violetta, the day after you turned one year old is one of my very favorite memories in my entire life. We were playing with your new toys - and trying not to make too much of a mess; it ended up being more of a controlled mess.  Mid play, you stood up with a start and a tiny yelp (you love yelping when you stand up, it's jaw dropping adorable) and you walked over to me.  You gave me a hug, and then turned your head and looked at me and gave me a kiss!  I'm really looking forward to when I will have completely lost count of how many times you've kissed me, but I will never, ever forget that first kiss from you.  Here are kisses 3 and 4 - the second kiss is for Mommy who misses you so much and has been counting down the days since the moment she kissed you (many, many times) goodbye a few days ago. We can't wait to see what our lil' Munchkin is going to do tomorrow, but know not to rush today because we've already seen how quickly that first year went.  Yeah, we're talking about you, lil' Munchie!

"Who, me?"


"I can't wait to hear what happens in the next post!"

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  1. Todd and Amelia — that is the most beautiful baby in the world. She takes after ours. First born and grandchildren We are so happy for al l of you .Grace set up your blog for me, Did you read about her getting her silver medal? It is really interesting. How far this young lady has come. Now our Finn is the greatest boy baby in the same category as Vivi is. I love the pictures and I think My friends are going to start ignoring me .I say have uo seen this one? Love you all Pray for Amelia so far aay Love you Gram and Papa

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