Celebrating Mommy’s Special Day!

It was not until after having a child that I realized how truly special Mother's Day is, and how ridiculous it is that Mother's are formally recognized only once a year.  Every other holiday is given to you at birth.  Seeing what it takes to carry a baby, and the sacrifices they make (and I've only seen just over 8 months), Mothers should get recognition every week!  At the very least, whenever you celebrate your birthday, you should call your Mother to thank her for the 9+ months she carried you, worried over everything she ate or drank, and avoided potentially dangerous activities like skiing during a months-in-the-planning weeklong Whistler ski trip (snowmobiling was ok though!), and not to mention the actual labored labor process.  Violetta is blessed with the best Mother she could ever hope for!

"Mommy, happy Mother's Day! I sure do love you!"

Mother's Day Weekend was a really fun time for us, and we had afternoon tea at the Heathman, the same place where we had Violetta's baby shower.  Violetta helped pick out some European-inspired gifts as a homage to Mommy and Daddy's European Honeymoon too.  On Sunday, we went to Pix Patisserie where Vivi got to enjoy all sorts of snacks.  Her favorite was definitely the coconut/chocolate homemade ice cream!  And with the warm afternoon weather, we finished things off with some pictures in the backyard!

Our little angel!

IMG_4238 IMG_4309

Vivi loved smelling, and then eating, the flowers!

IMG_4332-2 As we watch the various flowers begin to sprout and grow in the flower beds, little Vivi is sprouting up too!  In fact, she now likes to greet us in the morning by standing at the railing of her crib - it looks like Daddy is going to need to lower that crib another level.

"Good morning Mommy and Daddy!  I'm ready to get up and play!"  We did put a bow in her hair after she got up, but she really did stand there like this and wave!

Vivi started pulling herself up on Saturday, the day before Easter.  Daddy was sick with one of the colds Mommy and Vivi had been passing back and forth, but a little cold wasn't going to slow down Vivi! Of course to celebrate, Mommy and Vivi had to have a dance party!  And when Momma needed to take a break, guess who kept going?  Yep, our lil' Energizer Munchkin! She loves her Mommy and Daddy need a break bouncy-bouncy apparatus! With the next day being Easter, we also had fun coloring eggs.  Last year, we weren't sure if we were having a baby girl or boy - so to be safe, we covered our Easter Egg bases...
Boy or Girl?

Last year, I wrote: "Yes, the above picture is real. I actually wrote "Penis" and "Boobies" on two separate eggs and then colored them blue and pink, respectively and (in)appropriately. I believe that this picture could be 100% submissible in a court room as evidence that I have the mental capacity of an 8 year old. Peanut will not be Amelia's first child - it will be her second..."

This year, we just focused on coloring the eggs.  And you'll never believe it, but the Easter Bunny came and left the colored eggs outside for little Vivi to find!

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs in our front yard!


Vivi had lots of fun finding the colored eggs!


Vivi is doing her best Easter Bunny impression!

And Vivi absolutely loved her monogrammed Easter Basket from Aunt Bekah, Uncle Dougie and cousin Finn!  Vivi got to thank them over FaceTime, and she and Finn had lots of fun trying to eat the phones we put in front of them! Since our last post, the weather has been getting warmer, and we've been able to go play outside much more.  During one of the sunny weekends, we took our first overnight trip to the coast, and Vivi had so much fun in the sun!

A fun weekend starts with a warm bath and a soft robe.


Momma and Vivi love to coordinate their outfits!


"Daddy, when are we getting the food we ordered?"


Vivi got to see a beautiful sunset at the beach.


Despite the sunny weather, it was windy and we had to enjoy the sun in the stroller.


When we got back home, Vivi was able to play in the - no beach, but no wind either!


"Mommy, thank you for my stylish outfit".

Along with the Spring weather, we've also been doing some Spring cleaning - which meant a few trips to the home improvement Daddy's toy store.  To make sure Vivi would look forward to repeated Home Depot trips, we made it extra, extra fun with her own special "cart". Vivi made all sorts of friends with employees and customers riding in her magic bucket!

Vivi absolutely loved riding around in her magic bucket!

In what is becoming a monthly occurrence, Vivi got sick at school again!  The diagnosis - another fever.  Fortunately, Vivi's classroom has been only passing around fevers and nothing worse.

Even angels get sick sometimes!


It's medically proven, spending time with Mommy and Daddy speeds your recovery time!

It was only a short-lived bug and spendings lots of time with Mommy and Daddy meant Vivi was healthy by morning.  But when you're sent home from school, you need to stay home for at least one day without a fever.  What was the weather forecast for the day Vivi had to stay at home?  Upper 70s and sunny - was Vivi just pretending to be sick all along to spend more time with Mommy and Daddy?

Get Mommy and Daddy to stay at home with me and play in the sun because I was "sick"? Mission accomplished!

It was also a big day for our little Peanut, because she ventured out into the grass for the first time.  In the past, she did not like the grass one bit - and putting her feet down on it led to nearly immediate crying.  But Daddy put his phone out in the grass, and the next moment, Vivi was crawling straight for it! Once she got used to the grass and realized it's very soft after all, all she wanted to do was play in it!

"See Daddy, all you need to do is learn the proper motivation!"


"This is so much fun!"


Which then led to Vivi hamming it up and posing for the camera!

The weekends are our favorite days of the week because we get to spend it with our little munchkin!  Here are some of Vivi's favorite activities... Playing with her little stuffed doggie... Vivi loves when Uncle Juan stops by, but is always sad when he has to go! IMG_3054 Vivi is becoming quite the "foodie" and is eating solid foods at school.  Whenever we go out, she loves trying whatever we're eating: lemon tart, macaroons, parmesan encrusted toast with chèvre, smoked salmon, and on and on.  She's eaten food that Daddy just tried at 34! IMG_2447 However, she's been most vocal about pizza, even sounding like a little dinosaur when she eats it! Fun with bubbles! IMG_2910

"Mommy more bubbles please!"

Reading touch-and-feel books! IMG_2810 Momma and her Mini getting ready for another dance parties to the Rolling Stones. IMG_3042

And mini she is - despite being 8 months, 6-9 month clothing is huge on her - look at those pants!

Playing in her tunnel-o-fun! IMG_3975   IMG_4004   Blowing bubbles with Daddy! IMG_4128 IMG_4129 Being silly with Mommy! IMG_4187

More silliness with Mommy!

And of course, lots and lots of photo shoots! IMG_4017