Babies, Start Your Engines!

We've reached another milestone today - Violetta has turned 7 months old!  We can't believe how quickly the time has gone.  And something my Dad first told me years ago has come true - we do not remember what we did before Vivi was a part of our lives.  The last seven months have been such a blur that I can't really remember what we did just 8 months ago - what we did with all our free time?  I figured I'd at least go a year... I didn't even make it seven months.

Over 6 and a half months ago, Vivi and I had our first Father-Daughter dance.  Vivi was only 6 days old here - not even a week!


I can't believe what a beautifully wonderful lil baby Vivi has become!

One of my favorite things to do with the lil' Munchkin is take pictures of her doing whatever it is she feels like doing - playing with Mommy and Daddy, eating, eating her toys, lying on her belly, spitting up - really anything.  Because no matter what she's doing, she always has absolutely the most fun ever while she does it.  And a lot of the time, it seems like we have an impromptu photo shoot...ok, so that actually happens a whole lot - but none of her pictures are ever posed.  And it's hard to believe that this Vogue-esque shot wasn't posed either...

No, that's not lipstick or lip gloss, just the reflection from the window. And yes, that is an over-the-shoulder-camera-staredown face on Vivi.


"Daddy, sitting upright is SOO much fun! It's the bestest!"

Spring is in full effect, and we've had all sorts of flowers in the house for Vivi to see the beautiful colors and smell the floral scents.   It's no surprise - our lil' Peanut's favorite flowers are the purple ones! IMG_2292_resized Along with the sight and smell senses overload, we've been introducing all sorts of new tasty foods to Vivi.  Her favorite foods are: sweet potatoes with vanilla bean, bananas with cinnamon, apples, carrots, and loves gnawing on apples and oranges; and vanilla milkshakes, she loves vanilla milkshakes.  Mommy really enjoys making all sorts of homemade, tasty goodness - and Vivi sure does enjoy eating it!  She doesn't like all foods though; her least favorites are: peas, pears, squash, mango, and mashed potatoes.

Snow White, you better watch out - someone is definitely challenging your "fairest of them all" moniker!

Violetta celebrated her first St. Patrick's day!  She was all dressed up in her green "McSweetie" onesie, emblazoned with a gold heart-shaped shamrock.  Mommy made her a matching gold headband to "really pull the outfit together".  The "luck of the Irish" has never been more appropriate describing how lucky we are to have such a beautiful, little angel in our lives!  Next year, we may even go running around looking for the end of a rainbow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

IMG_2367 IMG_2338


"Look Ma, no hands!"

Our lil' Munchkin continues to grow and has developed an absolute obsession for anything electronics-related: phones, tablets, keyboards.  I give it another few months before she starts reprogramming our remotes...

"It's shiny, gives off colorful lights, and makes noises. That is literally the most amazing thing ever! I want to play more with electronics!"

In our last blog post, Violetta was getting oh soo close to crawling!  Mommy and Daddy have been having a total blast practicing with Vivi.

Who knew crawling on a quilt could be so much fun!


If cuteness counted in crawling, Vivi would've had it down months ago!

Each day, our Munchie has gotten closer and closer to intentional forward movement - as opposed to the frequent, accidental forward face plant!  Towards the end of March, on a rare, clear night - something extraordinary happened!

A clear night sky - maybe the moon's gravitational force was unimpeded by the cloud-free sky.

The next thing we knew, our little Peanut was not in the same place that she was just moments before!  She wasn't off to the side, nor was she turned around, and she hadn't gone backwards - she had gone forwards!  

One small movement forward for Vivi, one HUGE newfound fear of sharp corners for Daddy!


"Daddy, let's go on that safari to the Serengeti!"


"Crawling is really fun, but so is riding this lion!"

Along with the crawling, Violetta has two parents who love taking pictures of her painting discovered an artistic side she didn't even know she had - finger painting!  Good thing the paint is non-toxic and edible, because whenever Vivi paints, she tries to eat more than what goes on the canvas!  The first time we made homemade finger paint, but the paint faded.  We decided to give the paint that they use at school a try - and the color is very bright!

The artist and her medium color of choice - purple, of course!


Masterpieces require total concentration!


"Hmmm... this definitely doesn't taste as good as homemade."  Daddy puts sugar in the homemade finger paint to make it taste a little better.


A modernist take on the classic "ten finger" brush method.


"Painting is fun!  What's next Daddy?"

Of course, after we finish up with our painting session, it's bubble bath time!  We wanted to really try and make bath time fun so V wouldn't mind taking them as she got older. Right from the start, our lil' Munchkin loved bath time - she kicks her feet and laughs at all the splashing water!  The bubbles definitely help, and just like the paint, the first thing Vivi likes to do is take a handful of bubbles and see how they taste!

"Mommy and Daddy make everything fun!"


"What's that over by my shoulder - and more importantly, what does it taste like?"




"I think I need another taste..."


"Mommy and Daddy, bubbles are good!"


"Can I stay in the tub for a little while longer please?"

Despite all the time spent practicing crawling, painting and cleaning up, and experiencing all kinds of homemade food, we also had time for Uncle Juan to stop by!  Uncle Juan always has the best stories too!

"Oh my goodness, then what happened Uncle Juan?"


You may have noticed that in many of the pictures, Vivi is wearing all sorts of beautiful handbands that compliment her outfit very well - that's because Mommy is very creative and loves making various handbands for our Peanut.  Mommy has spent the past few years collecting ribbon and fabric to make headbands for herself - but now that she can make them for Vivi to wear, it's so much more fun!  And our Munchie lends her creative vision by giving the final approval on many of the ribbon choices: Mommy holds up the ribbon to Vivi, and if she smiles or laughs, Mommy uses it.

Vivi loves her one-of-a-kind headband!

For her first Easter, Uncle Dougie and Auntie Bekah Lynn are making sure Violetta has no problem storing all the eggs that the Easter Bunny will hide for her.  They got Vivi a beautiful, monogrammed Easter basket!  She sure hopes her cousin Finn has a fun time searching for the eggs the Easter Bunny hid for him too! IMG_2125

"I bet this basket can hold a gajillion eggs!"

Vivi can't wait to tell you all what is going on in the next post!  And this will most definitely be happening sooner than we're ready for it!

Vivi, I'll always be there to catch you whenever you may stumble.  And yes, I wear my spit-up stained shirts with absolute pride!