Mommy Travels Back to the Future!

On March 2nd, our little Munchkin turned 6 months old - she's already half a year old! Mommy and Daddy can't believe how quickly the time has flown by, and we also can't believe how wonderfully lucky we are to be the parents of our perfect little angel.

6 months ago, our lives became better than we could have ever imagined when we met our beautiful baby girl!  And maybe in the next 6 months, Daddy will learn not to put a bow on backwards!


"Daddy, how much is 6 months?"



In the last 6 months, we've witnessed Vivi go through all sorts of transformations - and her latest one has Momma and Daddy worrying about stairs, corners, and sharp edges.  Yep, our little Peanut is learning to be mobile!  I never thought it could be so exciting watching someone learn how to crawl - but it is completely amazing. From rolling over with ease...


To scooting and swimming around the floor...


to learning how to push herself up...


to learning how to hold a plank...


to crawling backwards...


to lunging forward and kicking like a little swimmer while listening to Yo Gabba Gabba's "Party in my Tummy"...   This journey has been such an exciting, wild and wonderful ride!

"Get ready to try and keep up with me, Mommy and Daddy!"

Last year at this time, Momma and lil' Peanut traveled 16 hours into the future during their trip to Hong Kong and even entered the Second Trimester while in Shanghai.  Momma went 16 hours back into the future, but this time it was much more difficult because our lil' Munchkin wasn't able to travel with her.

Vivi: "Momma, future?!" What?! How?!"
Daddy: "Well, little Vivi when it's 4pm here, it's 7am tomorrow where Mommy is."
Vivi: "No way! Momma is magical!


Vivi is thinking, "Maybe if I look into my magic, night-light crystal ball, I can see my Mommy in the future!  Mommy, where are you?"

The night before Momma had to fly out, she was thinking of all kinds of ways to sneak our little Peanut onto the plane with her.

"Momma, maybe I could sneak on in your carry-on. Please? We would have so much fun!"


Mommy made sure to get lots of snuggly time with lil Vivi.  And snuggly time is one of Vivi's favorite activities!

Vivi was so sad Momma was going to Hong Kong, that our lil' Peanut got sick just before she left! Her fever was higher this time around 102.5 and her symptoms a bit worse.  We spent lots of time with a cool washcloth on Vivi's head, and Daddy spent lots of time talking to the Pediatrician Advice Nurse. IMG_0392

"Daddy, I don't need medicine, I just need my Mommy!"

While Momma had to travel for work, Daddy knew there was someone who would absolutely love to help out - GiGi!  GiGi flew out to visit and spoil her little Granddaughter as Grandparents inherently know how to do.  And wow did our lil' Munchkin love spending time with her GiGi.  From lots of walks with Annie, to shopping trips, and baking all sorts of yummy goodness, they were doing all kinds of stuff together.  And most importantly, they saved time for snuggling!

Yep, the whole week was pretty much exactly like this picture - GiGi and Vivi were inseparable!


Who knew laying around on the couch could be so wonderful!


Vivi had lots of fun playing with her GiGi!

As Violetta continues to grow - she was 14 pounds when we took her in at 5 months, 3 weeks when she got sick - she is looking everywhere for food.  Her hand eye coordination is getting much better; she will reach out, grasp with uncanny strength, and shove whatever she is holding into her mouth.

"If it looks like food, it's going in my mouth!  ...and yes, everything looks like food!"

Vivi really enjoys solid foods and eats with a ferocity that is often seen in wild animals roaming the Serengeti.IMG_9883IMG_9885

"Daddy, what's a 'Serengeti'?"

"Daddy, what's a 'Serengeti'?"

With all that food and energy, our lil' Munchkin is becoming stronger and stronger.  She's sitting up and really enjoys reading!

Vivi loved her new book, "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?"

And Violetta is also working on the "next step" after crawling - walking!  Momma and Daddy love to put Vivi in her Circle of Neglect Sea of Education where she can play with all sorts of fun toys while working on her balance at the same time.

It's a good thing Vivi likes being in here, otherwise nothing would ever get done around the house!


Our lil' Munchkin loves watching us cook, clean and do chores around the house in her Sea of Education!

Until next post, Vivi says that she misses and loves all of her family and friends!


2 thoughts on “Mommy Travels Back to the Future!

  1. I just Love those little monkey toes and how they cruel up like they are ready to grab hold of something. Vi has the eating style of her daddy, uncle and OMR! LOVE every word and picture. OMR

  2. Vi!! We’re all just wrapped around your tiny, gorgeous finger!! No one can get enough Vivi!!
    You did a great job of taking care of Daddy while Mommy was gone (I’m sure your BFF- best furry friend- Annie helped! Bet Max was a total footloose cool cat… boys!! 😉 I’m just so super surprised Mommy didn’t try to Shanghai you in a carry on TO Shanghai!! 😉
    You’re on the move, catching up on some reading, and being served fantastic delicacies to satisfy your every whim!
    And your style sense, c’est magnifique!!! Wouldn’t you know??!! I have the EXACT same “I’M PERFECT” onesie!! 😉
    Eskimo kiss to you! You perfect, pretty, little pumpkin!!! 🙂 xoxo

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