All Grows Up!

As Violetta gets closer to 5 months, we're getting to know her likes and dislikes.  Her dislikes list is really just limited to "being hungry", while her likes list is pretty much everything else.  However we've learned that of her likes list, there are a some activities that are simply the best thing ever.  Bath time and post-bath time are definitely at the top.

Violetta loves it when Momma puts on lotion to keep her skin soft and smooth.

Vivi making silly faces at Daddy!

A clean Vivi is a very happy Vivi!

Our beautiful lil Violetta!

Our angelic lil Violetta!

A clean, angelic looking Baby V!

Our happy and clean Peanut!

This was a big week for Momma and Daddy - Violetta started "school" at Nike.  Vivi was all smiles and giggles on her first day - though Momma and Daddy had quite a different experience!  It is very difficult to walk out of there without her in our arms.  But picking her up after work is absolutely the best part of our day!
Yes, we really do get to see this face every day!

Yes, we really do get to see this face every day!

Our first day of daycare went very smoothly.  We had her first outfit picked out, and a backup one in case there were any spit ups - along with a bag of bibs and other outfits for any messes she may have at daycare; all the bottles were in her little, insulated lunch pail; and her favorite two toys were ready to make the big trip with her.

Our lil' Peanut was very excited to get ready for their first day of 'school'!

There were lots of smiles from Vivi, and most surprisingly - no tears from Momma or Daddy!
Happy Momma and Baby!

A big day for Momma and Vivi, it's her first day of daycare school!

We wanted to bring in the classic "apple for the teacher" but with a slight twist to show how sweet our little Violetta is.  Since it was still so close to Christmas, we figured making Gigi's legendary sugar cookies would be a great way to suck up say hello to all of V's teachers.
Gigi's best-sugar-cookie-ever recipe!

Gigi's best-sugar-cookie-ever recipe!

Currently there are 4 teachers and 6 babies; Violetta is the only girl right now, and one of the little boys wore a "Prince Charming" onesie for Vivi's first day.  In a few more weeks there will be 3 other girls with her.  The whole class - both teachers and babies - will stay together for all 5 years of daycare.  With her almost permanent smile, Violetta has had no trouble making friends with everyone in her class and at the daycare center.
Vivi with Samantha, one of her teachers

Vivi and Samantha, one of her favorite teachers

The babies get to play all day long: playing with toys suspended above them while laying on little mats, playing with other babies, and lots of tummy time.  The teachers read stories, like "Teeth Are Not For Biting" and "Hands Are Not For Hitting".  With the warmer and drier weather we've been having, the class is going outside for walks.  And the best part - it's just a short walk for Momma and Daddy to stop by during lunch, or any part of the day we have free!
Momma, Vivi and Samantha at Day Care

Momma, Vivi and Samantha at Day Care

V's family!

V's family!  Momma, Daddy, Annie and Max

We also celebrated a birthday for Amelia, as she turned 1 - that's right, her first birthday after being upgraded from "Wife" to "Mom".  Lil V wanted to get all dressed up to celebrate Momma's birthday, so she wore her special, super duper, pretty dress!

Happy birthday Momma!  I love you!

Violetta knew Momma would be very sad and miss their all-day-long playtime when Momma went back to work.  So Vivi and Daddy went with a "back-to-work" theme for all of Momma's presents - and now Momma can show her coworkers how beautiful her little baby girl is too!
One of Momma's gifts - now, every time she answers the phone, it looks like Vivi is listening to her too!

One of Momma's gifts - every time she answers the phone, it looks like Vivi is listening to her too!

Back at home, Vivi gone from being content with stationary book readings to wanting to take the fun on the road!
What happens next Mommy!?

What happens next Mommy!?  Tell me, I can't wait!

Our little Peanut is showing lots of signs that she's going to be mobile in the coming days/weeks.  One of her favorite play-time activities is floor swimming!
Floor swimming!

Floor swimming!


Rolling over always gets a big smile from V!


Beautiful Momma and Baby!


9 out of 10 pictures are smiling Vivi pictures!


...and this is the remaining 1 out of 10 "non-smiling" pictures!

When she's on her play mat, lil Vivi is never in the same spot when we first put her down. She's arching her back and slowly migrating to the different areas on her mat, inchworm style!

Someone is concentrating very intently on the butterfly above their head

Our happy baby and a very proud Daddy say "We'll see you soon in the next post"!



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  1. Vivi! You are on the move, baby! And I love to see you reading with Mommy and making friends at school! And your wall at Nike is great with pictures of Mommy, Daddy, Max and ever-watchful Annie! Did you make it yourself??!! You creative genius, you!!! Xoxo 🙂 sending you love and a great big Eskimo kiss!!!

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