Starting the Year Off With Our Baby!

We've celebrated the New Year for the first time as Parents, and we couldn't be happier.  Of course, having this happy bundle of cuteness is the best part of everything! IMG_7217 The holidays were spent back in Ohio with family, both old and new - as little Violetta met her favorite cousin Finn for the first time!

You think these two babies are happy? You should've how happy Gigi was!


IMG_8134   Despite 4 flights and nearly 15 hours of flight time, Violetta was one amazingly calm baby. We even had a few flight attendants tell us that they didn't even realize we had a baby with us because she was so calm and quiet.  The only mishap was a 20 minute diaper change at 30,000 feet.  Next time Cirque Du Soleil is hiring a contortionist, they should have the person they're interviewing change a diaper in an airplane bathroom - they do it in under 5 minutes, they're hired on the spot.

Someone is very excited to go on their first airplane ride!

Fortunately, Momma and Daddy's families live very close to each other, so we were able to maximize family time and minimize travel time once we were back in Ohio.  We started the trip off with Momma's family at Nonno's house.

Vivi has learned that bath time is always fun time!


A very happy grandpa Nonno and V!


Violetta was having a fun time at her baptism.


Uncle Dougie, Aunt Bekah and lil' Finn drove down for Violetta's baptism.

Momma and Nonno have a tradition of shopping the Italian Strip District in downtown Pittsburgh.  After a full days worth of shopping homemade cheeses, breads, pastas and olive oils, little Vivi was ready to take a nap under the Christmas tree.IMG_7656

4 generations of Tabacchi's

4 generations of Tabacchi's!

After spending time at grandpa Nonno's house, we packed up the car and headed north to the Ryan's.  Vivi was telling us that she had enough with all the traveling and got a little fussy.  Momma and Daddy's response?  Singing off-key Christmas carols at the top of our lungs.  While I'd like to think Violetta was soothed by hearing our voices, I'm guessing she thought if she stopped fussing maybe we would be quiet!
Immediate best friends - Auntie B and lil' V!

Best friends at first sight - Auntie B and lil' V!  Auntie B calls her peanut sized niece a little Veanut!

Growing up, two of the Ryan traditions were: every year on Christmas Eve Omr would read us 'The Night Before Christmas'; and gorging ourselves on Gigi's sugar cookies.  They are absolutely the best cookies in the world, and we had a fun time baking and decorating a few dozen.  So it only seemed right that the family Christmas picture have both the 'The Night Before Christmas' and a plate full of sugar cookies!


Coordinating pajamas, 'The Night Before Christmas', a plate of sugar cookies and two super cute babies!

Since we ate all the sugar cookies, we had to bake some more - and now Daddy has Gigi's recipe!  At the time of writing this, I've since baked at least 6 more dozen cookies and have eaten most of them myself.

Momma and Vivi having a sugary good time!

Momma and Vivi having a sugary good time!

We learned we need to double check the seals on the plastic icing bags!

Uh oh!  We learned we need to double check the seals on the plastic icing bags!

All smiles - Daughter and Daddy!

All smiles - Daughter and Daddy!

Four different houses on Christmas and we couldn't be happier - being able to spend time with our loving families!


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  1. Wow, Vi! You are quite the seasoned traveler! And I’m starting to suspect you and Nonno call one another before deciding what to wear every morning! I also noted you have Pap’s twinkle in your eyes! What a wonderful Christmas spent together! I couldn’t ask for more!!! 🙂 XOXO

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