It’s All Relative!

We hit the two month mark this past Saturday.  A relatively short time span for Momma and Daddy, it's been an actual lifetime for lil' Violetta.  I didn't think I'd be saying "I can't believe how fast she's growing up!" this early - but it's so very true. Being born under 7 pounds, our Peanut was wearing peanut-sized clothing that looked too small for most dolls I've seen - yet fit loosely on our baby girl.  Now?  Some of the three month old clothing is now looking a little snug.  She is literally growing up right in front of us, and it is the most entertaining thing we've ever experienced.  Violetta has been averaging over an ounce a day for the past 9 weeks, is gaining 8% of her birth weight every week, and has nearly doubled in size.  She literally will never be as small as she is today ever again - not even tomorrow.  Knowing this gives you such a greater appreciation for every God-given day we have with her, and how blessed we are to raise our tiny angel.

One of these days, Daddy will get a picture of her halo too!

Just two weeks ago, this little dress was way too big for V.  Now - it fits her perfectly as she celebrates being 8 weeks old!


Every day, she gets bigger and more beautiful!

Every day, she gets bigger and more beautiful!

Attack of the Daddy Kisses!

Attack of the Daddy Kisses!

I'm sometimes a bit of a "bull in a China shop" with the onesies, and am often guilty of stretching out the necks while putting Violetta's arms through the sleeves.

Daddy's wearing a v-neck, and he stretched out a v-neck for V!

Along with getting bigger, our lil' girl had her first big girl doctor's appointment. Violetta was all smiles, goo-goos and gaa-gaas as she received another clean bill of health.  She was a super brave girl when it came time for her immunization shots and it definitely hurt Momma and Daddy more than it did her!  A little post-shot bottle of milk, and Violetta was quickly laughing and cooing again.

I just had a shot, but I'd much rather laugh and have fun!

We had our first ever family holiday on Thursday, celebrating Halloween with our wee one. Violetta was as gentle as a lil lamb in her Lambie costume.  So cute in fact, that we allowed more than four times the normal spit-up number before we decided the outfit needs changed.  While we didn't go out trick or treating this year, Violetta was a total hit with everyone who stopped by.  She helped with passing out candy, and would even sneak a few extra handfuls to the neighborhood kids.

Violetta waving "hi" - Trick or Treat!


My beautiful Momma and baby V

When going in for the middle-of-the-night-feedings, I like to think that lil Violetta just misses Momma or Daddy so much that she must see us right this instant; and that she absolutely must let everyone in the house know exactly how much she misses us.  This theory works great until we hear her start eating from the bottle and realize she sounds like me when I'm trying to get the last drops of soup from a bowl and I've resorted to tilting and slurping. During one late afternoon feeding, Violetta and Daddy shared a magical moment.  I looked down at her teeny, tiny face and saw her making all sorts of cute smiles and faces; at that moment I realized I had a some gas brewing and as soon as I started farting, lil V joined in at exactly the same time!  We both smiled and started laughing - it was such an amazing connection.  The one minor difference was that one of us needed a diaper change!

Lil V and Daddy definitely have a connection!

This Sunday, the Peanut had a very special phone call.  She got to say "Hello!" to her brand new, little cousin Finn.  Just two weeks ago, my brother Doug and his wife Bekah had their first baby - Finnigan Daniel.  Violetta got pretty talkative at the end, and was making sure little Finn, Uncle Dougie and Aunt Bekah all heard everything she had to say. She was telling them how very, very hungry she was!
2013-11-03 Baby Cousins

Lil' V is giving even lil'er Finn a kiss

Here are the pictures!

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  1. Not to worry Todd! What your super smart (and sly) little lady forgot to mention is that you stretched out the neck on her “not-my-favorite-tutu-mom-made-me-get” outfit. So you may have had some help (or less help than usual 😉 which lead up to that slub neck tee look.
    Violetta definitely has some very strong fashion sense AND opinions!! 🙂

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