Sleeping Beauty!

When I logged in to start writing the weekly monthly post, I couldn't believe that it has been 16 days since the last post.  In all honesty, I thought it had only been a little over a week. Violetta has some fancy super powers that alter the space-time continuum for Daddy: an entire week flies by in what feels like a day or two, and despite falling asleep each night, every morning I wake up wondering if we slept at all.  But her most amazing super power: Violetta's ability to convey feelings so profoundly happy and loving without uttering a single word at all.

No matter what day it is, it's always the "best day ever" after getting a smile like this!


Daddy's in trouble - he doesn't stand a chance against those bright, beautiful eyes.


We still can't believe how lucky and blessed we are to have such a wonderful baby girl.

Despite Daddy's posts resembling more of a lunar cycle than the weekly posts of old, we are still been capturing lots of pictures on a daily an hourly basis.  That's the other reason the posts take so long - there are hundreds and hundreds of pictures to go through before deciding which ones to post.

Little V gives "cuddle time with Momma" the prestigious '2 mitt-covered arms in the air' sign of approval!

It's always time for "picture time"!  Yes, even after bed time.

It's always time for "picture time"! Yes, even after bed time.

So much has happened since the last post!  From football games, to sunny Sunday workouts at Nike, to the most amazing thing ever - over 9 hours of uninterrupted, nighttime sleep!  And lil' V's Papa-razzi and Momma-razzi have been ready, cameras in hand to capture pretty much everything.

With her baby polar bear outfit on, Violetta is ready to go! And we're ready to make sure we photograph it!

We recently picked up an ErgoBaby, and it's the greatest thing ever.  We've decided we're going to try and do as much of our BC life as possible, and going hands-free with the Ergo makes it much, much easier.  What's Daddy's favorite thing to do - anything as long as my little angel is attached to my chest!

What are we doing and where are we going?  It doesn't matter as long as V is locked in next to my chest!

Bundling up our little baby bundle, we relived some of our high school youth by going to a Friday night football game.  Violetta was great - sleeping through nearly the entire 2 quarters plus halftime that we were there; waking up only once to yawn, sigh and look up at me before falling back asleep.

Friday night fun!

We have been having some fantastic mid October weather - classic Autumn-esque weather where the low 70s, sunny afternoons give way to crisp, high 50s moonlit nights. And everywhere Violetta looks, Mother Nature is celebrating with bright oranges, reds and yellows set against the green grass and cloudless, blue skies.  It's too bad that Violetta can't distinguish all these colors yet.  But with all the pictures she can look back and see a perfect first Autumn season.  To celebrate one of those sunny Sunday afternoons, we took a trip to Nike and played on the "Bo Jackson" field.  Violetta cried cheered on Momma and Daddy during their workout and wanted to make sure there was time afterwards for her to play too.
V at Nike

Lil' V playing on the Swoosh at Nike

And with all this fun we've been having with our lil Peanut, it's no wonder that everyone is tired.  But we were not ready for what happened last week.  For over 5 days in a row, Violetta has been actually sleeping through the night!  That first morning, we both woke up with a "restful night's sleep" look on our faces and realized, without so much as a word, that neither one of us got up last night to care for our crying baby.  After rushing into her room to make sure she was ok, we found a completely content and still sleeping baby.

My two Sleeping Beauties!


I know - it's hard to believe that a Peanut-sized angel like this would be anything but soundly sleeping every night.

Violetta's brain is constantly at work, and by month 3 it will have grown by five centimeters. And her grip strength now rivals that of a fully mature orangoutang - she doesn't know what she's holding on to, only that she's not letting go.  One of Violetta's favorite games has been to grab the sleeves of the top that Momma or Daddy are putting on her.  I have no idea how her little fingers are so strong!  She's also developing her hand and eye coordination: our cuddle sessions now occasionally include a baby right cross to the chin, and her little eyes are beginning to track us without moving her head.  The cute, eye-jumping motions will be around for a few more months.

Lovey eyes!


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  1. She is simply beautiful!!!! Love “Lovey Eyes”!!!! That is great that she is sleeping during the night…..all that fresh air is helping with that….great that the both of you are continuing your BC life! Hugs to you all!!!!

  2. How in the world does she keep getting more and more beautiful with each post. Lover her sweet little smile. You two are beautiful baby making rockstars!

  3. I totally remember that first time through the night…and then the sudden panic as we rushed into the nursery to check on Rachel!

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