Finally, a New Post!

This has been the longest stretch I've gone without a new post.  While it feels like Violetta was just born last week - it's amazing to see how much she's grown in the nearly 4 weeks we've had her!  Four weeks!?  Time has flown by.  It's a good thing that I've taken over 2,500 pictures to capture all the fun times and moments we've had during this time.  In fact, Momma and Daddy have even staged their own photo shoots in the house, with Momma creatively making the various props.

Daddy, put down the camera and let's play!

My two favorite girls!


Daddy's little princess!

Little V has quickly gone from "sleeping most of the day" to "sleeping most of the daytime...and being up all night"!  Our lil' bundle of cute is a modern day Sleeping Beauty during the day - and at midnight instead of turning into a pumpkin, she turns into a insatiably hungry, little gremlin.  Yes, I realized I combined two Disney movies with The Gremlins in that analogy, but with the little sleep I've had, it somehow made sense in my mind.

Here is Daddy doing his best sleepy Violetta impression! Or maybe Violetta is doing her best sleepy Daddy impression!


Our sleeping Beauty

The week after being born, our parents came out to visit and see their brand new granddaughter, Violetta.  Being the first grandchild on both Amelia's and my side, Violetta upgraded our great parents to great grandparents.  I was ready with camera in hand as they came through the door to capture the pure joy on their faces, tears of happiness in their eyes, and a "I can't wait to spoil you!" look in their smiles.

I love my Grandparents!

Watching our parents with our lil' Peanut presented us with a glimpse into our past.  I've come to know my parents differently in the last few months as we prepared for the arrival of our little baby.  I've come full circle now: with my younger years when "my parents knew everything" to the teenage years when "my parents didn't know anything", and now to being a parent and realizing that "my parents never needed to know everything, they just learned and figured it out as they went along".  Seeing the love and absolute joy our parents proudly displayed as they sang, cooed and cuddled with Violetta gave me a glimpse into the past and how my parents were with me when they first became parents. The only difference was the 'new parent' look of "oh my gosh - how do we raise and keep this baby alive!?  This is scary!" was replaced with the 'new grandparent' look of "oh my gosh - I get to play with her and when it's time to go I can just hand her back to Todd!? This is great!"
Play time with Gigi!

Play time with Gigi is the best!

Over the last 3 weeks, little V has been growing and developing a lot.  She can recognize our voices and it helps her adjust to this new world.  She can't understand what we're saying but that doesn't matter because at 3am, I don't understand what I'm saying either! She's also able to focus on objects at an arm's length distance - perfect for holding her and making silly and smiling faces with her.  Daddy and Momma love singing to our Peanut while slowly moving our heads from one side to the other as we watch her beautiful little eyes track our head movement.  And my most favorite thing in the world is how she conforms her little body to the perfect snuggling position.  I'll lay down on the bed with pillows on either side to keep us locked in place, and then have her snuggle in between my armpit and arm, with her head resting on my shoulder.  It's the perfect spot for me to look down at her precious little face, rub her neck and head and kiss her forehead.
Gives new meaning to a "V Neck" tshirt!

Gives new meaning to a "V" neck t-shirt!

Here are our favorite pictures over the last 3 weeks of our littlest Angel (you can click for larger images):  

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  1. Did you ever imagine the pleasure and love a tiny person could bring you and when you go to work no matter how bad the day is that sweet little baby will make everything all right in a smile

  2. I love all the pictures. She is so beautiful! Grandpa John looks so happy holding his precious granddaughter. She is so lucky to have such a wonderful family and being so loved!

  3. Could she be any more beautiful of a baby? I think not!

    Love her and soo happy for you guys! I’m coming over soon to get more snuggles in 🙂

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