Picture of the Day!

Just a quick post that we'll be uploading a new picture every day of our little bundle of joy to the blog; the link is:  http://peanutryan.com/daily-pictures/  We've also added it to the top menu bar for easy access. As for having enough pictures to post them daily, Daddy has already taken enough to last over 14 months.  No, I'm not kidding.  I've already taken 482 pictures and we've had her for 2.5 days.  At this rate, by the end of the week, we'll be covered for nearly 4 years!

One thought on “Picture of the Day!

  1. She is PERFECT!!!! I know this is a crazy crazy time but Josh and I would love to bring you a meal, as well as come to see her, once things slow down. I will go ahead and call Amelia in the meantime but just let us know if yu guys have a meal plan set up or if there is a good day for us to drop food by. I dont wan tyou to be overloaded with casseroles : ) So So happy for you guys and that gorgeous little lady.

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