Counting Down the Days

It's Labor Day weekend, and you can bet that both Momma and Daddy have thought a lot about how appropriately ironic it would be if Momma goes into labor right now.  Previously, I've written about how important it is for me to be prepared.  Well, I don't think we can be any more prepared.  We have our bags packed and ready at the door, the car seat is installed and the "Warning: Baby on Board" sign is already hanging in my car.  We even have a mirror hanging on the headrest above the car seat already.  And while driving, I'm constantly looking in my rear view mirror to look at the car seat that will soon safely carry its most precious cargo. We are excitedly waiting for the moment when we know it's time to head into the hospital. We've been recording Momma's contractions with the iPhone app "Full Term".  It records contractions, and then calculates the average duration and frequency for the past hour and customizable for the last 24 hours.  Knowing that everything is ready makes it easy to relax, enjoy our time together by going out in the evenings, and sleep in late on the weekends.

IMG_0179es, I'll take one beautiful baby girl along with my Pizza please!IMG_0183

Violetta isn't moving quite as much, but that's because she has almost no room left in her mobile home!  And it truly is a "mobile home" because Momma is still on the go a lot - although she has slowed down to a normal person's non-pregnant pace.  With the upcoming flu season, it's comforting to know that the placenta is supplying Violetta with antibodies that will help fight off infection for the first 6 months after her birth.  While her brain is about a quarter of its eventual, adult size, it contains nearly 100 billion neurons. That's almost all the neurons it will have over her lifetime.  Each neuron will link with as many as 200,000 other neurons - forming an incredibly intricate and complex electrical network. How complex is her brain?  Well, if you enter 100,000,000,000^200,000 into a calculator, this is the actual result:

Violetta's Brain

It's week 39 and any day now could be the big day for my most beautiful Momma and baby girl! IMG_0217 IMG_0226

I'll also be updating the Gear Reviews Baby Monitor very soon - a short while back we upgraded to the Withings Smart Baby Monitor.  This thing allows you to monitor not just the baby, but also get warnings when there is a change in movement, sound, temperature and even humidity!  There are a lot of other really great bells and whistles, all of which will be covered in the soon-to-be-added review.

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  1. Todd…now would be a good time for Amelia to take that picture of her feet that she can’t see, then in one year she can take that picture of Violetta sitting at her feet and finally another year later the picture of Violetta standing at her feet. Just something fun!!! HUGS to you both and praying for an easy labor day!!! Your Mom is just busting at the seams to get her hands on your little bundle of joy!!!

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