Master Chef

This weekend was another busy one!  We started Friday off by assembling our baby's new wheels.  She'll be (st)rolling in chic style meets functional wizardry in her new stroller.  The Cameleon3 is an engineering marvel, and it really does look good.  I can't believe it, but literally any day now a much, much cuter head will be in here:


Over the week, the freezer was delivered and this weekend we did our best to fill it with tasty meals.  It was our first time preparing meals for our soon-to-be family + 1 as we made meals for four.  Yes four - we've been cooking for three for the past 7 or so years since Daddy easily eats double portions at most meals.  Growing up, I have no idea how my Mom fed my family - I have trouble feeding myself some times.  We spent Saturday morning with prep work: washing all of our containers, as well as finalizing our recipes and coming up with our shopping list for: I love leftovers.  Love them.  While I can't prove this, but knowing that you don't have to do anything to have a home cooked meal in minutes actually makes food taste better.  Doing something now so you don't have to do it in the future, and then taking it to an extreme level? I'm so in!  I have to admit, we were both incredibly pleasantly surprised at how well everything turned out considering...
  1. my idea of making dinner and a side is cooking a second, slightly smaller steak
  2. I picked out the recipes, and with Momma somewhat immobile, would be managing the stove/cooking area
  3. we planned to cook enough food for both of us for 21 days
  4. we've never done anything close to this before
We were going to the grocery store on the second busiest day of the week, and Daddy does not do well in crowds for long periods of time - especially when most people are equipped with a shopping cart.  I wonder if this will all change when I'm pushing a stroller everywhere.  But the grocery store was a quick trip as we had everything categorized by aisles, and in less than an hour we were back home with everything we needed for the weekend:

Warning: do not let this man near a kitchen!


Our Tupperware metropolis.IMG_7152

One of Momma's favorite shows is Master Chef, as it combines reality television with cooking, her two favorite types of tv shows.  Amateur chefs compete each week, with the losing chef being cut until the last one "wins".  Fortunately for Daddy, no home chefs would be getting kicked out of the house at the end of our cooking session! After getting back from the grocery store, we went to work preparing and cooking the White Bean Chicken Chili, from scratch Sloppy Joe's and Turkey Meatloaf.  We could not believe how amazing the turkey meatloaf came out.  Best turkey meatloaf I've ever had. Sunday, we picked things back up with the BBQ Pulled Pork, Guinness Beef Stew and for dinner made a Mushroom-Leek soup that was surprisingly really good.

When you're making quadrupled recipes, you need to be using all the burners!


All in all, it was a really fun way to spend a weekend with my best friend.  Daddy didn't burn down the house, we used all our ingredients and we now have at least 3 weeks worth of food in the freezer - sounds like a success to me!  I did learn that if you accidentally put too much vinegar into Sloppy Joe's, don't freak out - you can add sugar (we used brown sugar) and let everything simmer for a bit longer to cook out some of the vinegar taste. We both agreed we will do this again, but next time keep it to just 2 or 3 recipes.

Knowing that I won't have 5 hours to drive up to Mt Hood late at night for time-lapse photography, we took advantage of a crystal clear night to sneak in a spontaneous late night drive.  The Big Dipper was easily visible as well as countless other stars:


 the moon was extra bright without any clouds to get in the way

IMG_7235 if you got lost over the weekend, at least you'd know where North was...


We kick off week 37 with, that's right - kicks.  It looks like little Violetta may have inherited Daddy's nervous leg syndrome gene too.  She is definitely ready to say hello to the world, as she's very much oriented in the face down position.  It's been medically proven that after she's born,  she'll know and prefer our voice to any other, and can even distinguish prose passages heard during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy from new ones. We've been using this newfound power responsibly by reading lots of fun books that we will be reading quite often in the coming years. With less than a month to go, my Baby Momma looks better than ever!


4 thoughts on “Master Chef

  1. I just love love love reading this!!! I feel like I’m right next door getting to experience everything as it happens! Thanks for doing this Todd, and thanks for carrying my sweet baby niece Amelia!! Love to you all 🙂

    You guys did an awesome job it sounds like!! And looks like it too! Fantastic! I’m super impressed!
    I wish I could have been there to lend a helping hand! Of course, the last thing I cooked was toast. 😉 And I burnt it. ;(
    Way to go with the leeks! Glad you found some culinary delight to turn them into!

  3. As for the photos, all three are amazing! Really great and look quite professional. My fave, fave though is the first! It’s just incredible! Like it should be on one of those inspirational framed posters. The way the mountain is captured in the distance, perfectly centered between the basin like that- it gives me goose bumps. It almost doesn’t look real. It’s that good in my opinion. I honestly think this is really special and you have truly got something here, Todd.

  4. Ah, yes! She knows your voices best of all!
    However, she’s been texting Sara since she started getting a signal and friended Sara on Facebook like in month 5.
    Do you have any idea how much communication that encompasses????!!!!!
    So while she knows your voices, she also knows Sara’s relationship status. 😉

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