Just Over 2.6 Million Seconds to Go!

Up until now, the actual pregnancy-related posts to Violetta's Baby Blog have centered around Momma: her health, her lack of weird food cravings and how incredibly beautiful she looks week after week.  This weekend though, Daddy got to experience, at a very minimal level, the side-effects joys of being pregnant.  Saturday night, my arches ached and my feet were swollen, I was incredibly exhausted, my stiff back felt like tiny little elves were chipping away at my lower spine with a hammer and chisel, I had a headache and my stomach was doing all sorts of flips and flops.  Sunday morning came with no relief - everything felt worse!  Of course, Daddy never complained all day.  Things became so realistic that Momma searched the Internet for "father sympathy pregnancy". While it's not a medically recognized condition, there are over 5.5 million search results and lots of husbands having very similar experiences.  Momma had a blast reading about this phenomenon - laughing heartily every time I helped prove this theory correct.  It wasn't until Sunday night that what we both thought was possibly Daddy's immaculate conception turned out to be nothing more than the flu!  I'm feeling better, and have to say that I've never laughed so much while being sick. We had another fun week as we prepare for our lil' Violetta's arrival.  We're on a first name basis with the local FedEx, UPS and USPS delivery staff as our wonderful family and friends send us all sorts of baby items for our upcoming adventure - we're so thankful! A few weeks ago, we entered the nesting phase by pre-washing all of V's clothes, decorating her nursery, and organizing all the new baby items.  But unlike nesting birds who migrate south for the coming, colder winter, lately we've been acting more like squirrels - foraging for food and hiding it for later.  We won't be burying the food underground; instead we spent this past week researching upright freezers and looking for healthy, freezer-ready recipes.  And this week we'll finalize the meals and come up with our huge shopping list for the marathon cooking session we'll have this coming weekend - we'll have lots of pictures to share in next week's post.  Good thing Momma is a fantastic cook, so we can be sure of having tasty food readily available after our little Peanut is born. We also spent a good amount of time in Powell's Books.  For those non-Portlanders, Powell's Books is the largest independent bookstore in the world and encompasses over 68,000 square feet.  Needless to say, they have a large selection of baby books.  We've been reliving a lot of childhood memories reading Dr Seuss, Beatrice Potter and other fun authors to little V.  My new favorite book to read is Fox in Socks, and Peanut loves the tongue numbing, jumbling rhymes - constantly jumping and bumping around in Momma's belly! Violetta is getting bigger and bigger every day.  Her little baby cheeks are getting plumper which will help our hungry baby feed after birth.  Studies have shown that what Momma eats now will actually influence V's taste buds!  Extra helping of broccoli and brussels sprouts?  Yes please!  Our Peanut continues to gain about about half a pound each week, and the fine downy hair (Lanugo) that has covered her body, continues to disappear - she's losing her hair just like Daddy! We're exactly 1 month away - or just over 2.6 million seconds, as we enter week 36.  My friends who are dads* have all told me that this last month will be the fastest month of my life - and I can't wait!  Here is the most beautiful Momma as she continues to amaze me each week!


* Momma and Uncle Juan surprised me with a "Daddy Shower" last Friday where my guy friends took me out for a microbrew pub tour.  Despite almost every guy having kids of their own, they spent the evening with me as we shared adult-beverages, lots of baby stories that I have to look forward to, and so many laughs.  It was an amazing night - and by "night" I mean being home by 11pm!

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  1. Love these blogs it makes me have memories of my pregancies hope other women feel the same way

  2. So glad you had a Dad’s babyshower, Todd! Well done, Amelia and Juan! 🙂
    No cream puffs, I’m guessing 😉 !
    And I think Powell’s might be the bookstore I went to and keep referring to as Pueblo’s. 🙂

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