A “Grand” Week!

We had a monumental, "Grand" Canyon-esque time last week - because Grandma Patty and Grandpa John came out to bring Violetta lots of gifts visit us.  It was one of the most fun weeks we've had all pregnancy because we were able to share our happiness with so many family and friends.  It was also the first time we saw our lil' angel smile! Thirty-four years ago, my Mom and Dad learned they were having a baby boy the day I was born. It's amazing how much medical technology has advanced in the last three decades. Because of ultrasounds, we knew we were blessed with a baby girl less than 4 months into pregnancy, and we even got to watch little Violetta move around in Momma's belly. We wanted to surprise our parents by not only showing them their first ultrasound, but also getting one in 3D.  Despite a large audience watching her every single movement on the ultrasound monitor, little Violetta was not shy at all and put on a show for all of us. We watched her smile, yawn, stick her tongue out at us, and even try to eat her umbilical cord - proving once again that she is definitely my little girl. It's a good thing lil' V is so photogenic - because Daddy is going to do his best to wear out the memory cards on his camera.

Baby Violetta

Daddy got to let his inner geek shine by copying the video and setting some of the clips to some very appropriate music. 3D Ultrasound - Clip 1 3D Ultrasound - Clip 2 The full 3D Ultrasound (12 minutes) Back at home, we gave Grandma Patty and Grandpa John a tour of the nursery and then spent the next several hours going through all of Violetta's tiny and incredibly cute outfits. We also took turns feeling lil' Violetta bounce around in Momma's belly - I think she was extra excited after hearing the constant "Awwww, she'll look so beautiful in that lovely [onesie/dress/skirt/Tigger outfit]".  Moving from the nursery to the car, Grandma Patty and I had a lot of fun getting the carseat installed.  I can't wait to have my beautiful baby girl snugly and safely locked in place as we embark on fun, weekend road trips. On top of all this, it was a weekend of two new firsts for Daddy: my first Baby Shower and first tea party.  Both of which I hadn't ever really thought much about before the past week or so. And now, I'm thinking about tea parties a lot and how much fun I'll have with my daughter with what I'm sure will be a daily occurrence.  I already know that the depth of her imagination will be beyond anything I can relate to.  But thanks to Aunties Kimmie and Sara's planning and Grandpa John for throwing the party, I now have the perfect idea of what a proper tea party looks like.  Instead of Daddy and a couple of stuffed animals sitting around a little, toy table with plastic tea cups, I've got this to think about - click the picture below to see some of the pictures from the Tea Party:

Violetta's Tea Party

The actual Tea Party was like going out for wings and beers... but without the wings and beers and instead getting lots of presents for your baby-to-be!  An enormously huge "Thank You!" for all of the love, thoughtfulness and generosity that family and friends have shown. Violetta is so excited, she's jumping around in Momma's belly this very moment! Using the tea strainer gave an authentic feel to it and that was fun.  To assert my obvious manliness, I had to order the 'gunpowder' tea - which was way more bitter and stronger than I had expected.  Four cups in, I realized I should've stopped after one.  Apparently the food served is a combination of 'savory and sweet' which Daddy thought was a fantastic concept - you get bite-sized appetizers and desserts at the same time*  And of course, the entire ultrasound video was playing on repeat on an iPad at the Baby Shower! * Dearest little Violetta, one day Daddy or Momma will be reading this to you and you'll have your little mind blown that you can eat dessert and dinner at the same time. However, having dessert before dinner is a choice you get to make when you become an adult.  But maybe every now and then we can break that rule... Our lil' Peanut's number one job is bulking up now - we're probably making that easier for her because we're eating dessert before dinner!  During the final weeks, V will put on around half a pound per week.  She has two types of fat.  Brown fat, makes up approximately 5% of a newborn's body mass.  It has more mitochondria (cell's "power plants") and helps to generate additional body heat to keep babies warm once they're born.  It's deposited along her back, shoulders and the upper half of her spine.  The other fat, white fat, gives her those "ohhh so cute" chubby little baby cheeks.  By the time she's an adult (and can choose to eat her dessert before/with dinner), she'll have lost most of the brown fat. Week 35 and Momma looks amazingly beautiful!

Violetta's Tea Party08

Friends at the Baby Shower are telling lil' Violetta, "You're parents love you sooo much!" 2013-08-03-week-35

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  1. A ‘Grand’ week indeed! I cannot stop thinking about seeing my lovely little “Love-V” for the first time and replaying the video clips proves without a doubt… she is incredibly beautiful, sweet and precious! Violetta, time is relative and I know you may think 5 weeks is quickly approaching, but to me it’s not! I cannot wait to kiss, cuddle, and hold you in my arms, my little Love-V!

  2. Wish I could have been thereWe are excited for you. Thankfuly LOVE just grows. Gram and Papa

  3. I’m just going to say it. That is the most beautiful baby in the world. We already know she’s smart, pretty, and kind because she has you two as her parents. And I cannot even type another word because now I’m crying. We already love you Violetta. With our whole hearts, we do.

  4. I’m back. A box of tissue and 109 replays later, I’m good. Got it together. Just want to let you know, Todd and Amelia, I will be aces for the delivery, your point person all the way! 😉 What the heck replay 110! 🙂

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