“Vintage” is the New Black

This post is late, but not because lil V was knocking and asking to come out and play a few weeks early like she did 2 weeks ago.  Daddy was just way too tired last night to write anything intelligible, let alone entertaining.  That's because this weekend we entered the nesting phase.  Not content to just wash our little Peanut's newborn clothes - no, no - we've got clothes well into 6 and 9 months* cleanly washed, folded and hung.  As we began folding and putting away her clothes, we realized we might have gone a bit clothing crazy because we quickly ran out of room... so we decided to build custom shelves in Violetta's room and the outer walls of the garage-turned-gym.  But building custom shelves meant dusting off the right side of Daddy's brain and drafting up plans, measuring and remeasuring closet and garage space, buying materials and actually building the shelves. But we have it all completed and we couldn't be happier.  And if in week 6 Violetta suddenly has an overnight growth spurt to the size of an 8 month old, we're prepared! *In all fairness, having all these clothes to wash was totally Daddy's fault.  Momma took me to look at some baby clothes and ...well... baby girl clothes are just really, really cute.  I spent more time shopping for Violetta than I've shopped for myself in years.  Nearly 2 hours later, my shopping bag was packed full of nearly every newborn-to-nine-month clothing available.  I had no idea there were so many shades of pink. As we prepare and happily look forward to our new future with our expanding family, Momma has been looking to the past for inspiration.  The other big event this weekend was all the personal touches that make the nursery uniquely Violetta's.  Being the ultra-creative person Momma is, she found hand-made baby dresses from the late 1950s and had them framed to hang in the nursery.  The matting wallpaper is a pearlized linen that shimmers in the light - guess who wrote that sentence (not Daddy).  Along with the vintage dresses, the artwork that Momma's coworker created for us is done too and we had it matted and framed - beautiful watercolor dancers!

Vintage dresses: vintage dressesA close-Up of the matting:


Tiny dancers!  Yes, I just made an Elton John reference...watercolor dresses 1

watercolor dresses 2

watercolor dresses 3Along with all the room decorations, we had our 'Chair of all chairs' delivered.  All the cardboard cut-out, space planning paid off, and it fit perfectly in its predetermined place. On top of gliding, the chair reclines flat - so we'll have a comfy place to pass out sleep after she peacefully falls asleep in our arms.  This is definitely one of the things I'm most looking forward to!

At 34 weeks, our lil' Peanut is the size of a small pumpkin and weighs nearly 4 and a half pounds!  Her lungs are almost fully mature and her immune system is well developed - she's ready for life outside.  Her tiny fingernails have grown to the end of her fingers, so she can scratch herself too - once again, taking after Daddy!  At night we watch Momma's belly move around in all sorts of directions - lil' V is also taking after Momma and having her own dance parties, all that's missing is a disco ball.

My two loves-of-my-life happily smiling an extra large smile because on Wednesday Grandma Patty and Grandpa John will be out to visit for the baby shower!


We also have the Peanut Revealed video from the Reveal party that Grandma Patty and Grandpa Rick threw for our families - thank you to Great Aunt Betty for recording the happiness!  It's also been added at the top of the About page.

5 thoughts on ““Vintage” is the New Black

  1. Todd those drawings look great! Thanks so much for sharing! Also, I couldn’t help but notice that your lovely header image looks like it was made in the Paper App!!

    • I did use the Paper app for the header image – was a little frustrated that the stylus doesn’t work better. And thank you again for the beautiful art work!

  2. Amelia!!! This picture, like every picture of you, is gorgeous! I feel like I can see you glowing through the screen. You must have had a great photographer 😉
    And Violetta was surely ready for her closeup in this one as well. Look at her striking a pose. Well done V!
    I adore the vintage decor!!!
    I haven’t seen the shelves Todd built! I will remember to check them out next time!
    Great choice on backdrop linen. Really lovely and soft. Still subtle though.
    You pulled off a little girl’s room that is feminine and a very elegant and refined children’s room.
    You’re the superstar of the fashion and design world, love!! 🙂

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