Sunday Night Snacks and “Be Prepared”

We just got back from a Sunday night snack run, and this is Momma's strangest of the strange foods...Pop Tarts.  Bonus points though for getting "Confetti Cupcake" and even making it through two whole bites before throwing it away!

IMG_6888 Of course, Daddy-to-be had some choice picks for the food run - I was all about eating with a spoon tonight.


During my time in the Boy Scouts, I learned an incredibly valuable, life-long lesson: 'be prepared'.  While I feel I do a pretty good job applying this in my life - like making sure the freezer and pantry are stocked with late night snacks, this Daddy-to-be realized last Sunday that I was not prepared for little Violetta's arrival.  No problem - we just need to get after a few important items now - as in, right now. First up: getting the 'Baby Bag' ready.  Whenever I go on a climbing or backpacking trip, my favorite pre-trip activity is packing my backpack.  I think about all the crazy fun things I'll be doing with the gear while packing.  The 'Baby Bag' was exactly the same - knowing that we'd be opening when the little Peanut arrives.  I'm sure Momma is looking forward to putting on some ultra-comfy, normal sized clothes too! Next up: selecting and meeting our daughter's new doctor.  And Dad here treated it just like any other important decision: turning to the Internet for recommendations and reviews.  After some time on local sites and Angie's List, we found a highly recommended doctor in our current PCP's practice.  When I talked to the scheduler, she said that it had been so long since she scheduled a pre-natal appointment that she had to put me on hold for nearly 5 minutes while she found someone who knew the process.  I felt a little better about "being prepared" after that. We also had another 'Baby U' class this week: newborn care.  After learning the immunization and vaccination schedule, we got some fun hands on training with dolls.  Since Momma babysat when she was younger, she let me take the wheel with our Cabbage Patch doll.  I now feel properly prepared for changing a diaper - as long as lil' Violetta lays there like the plastic baby doll and doesn't move at all, then we won't have any problems!  We learned baby baths - both sponge and submersible - and how to ensure you're keeping your baby dry and warm while washing top to bottom.  Lastly, we learned how to swaddle.  In my younger days, I loved Origami - which is Japanese for "really fun paper folding".  Swaddling was like a grown's up version of it.  When we got home, I even practiced on our cat... he was not amused.  But I'm really looking forward to swaddling our little Peanut; and I'm sure she'll enjoy it more than the cat. Speaking of the lil one, Violetta's facial features are becoming more defined; her eyelashes and eyebrows are even growing in.  Her sight, smell, hearing, speech, walking and all sensations stemming from her cerebral cortex are becoming more finely tuned.  Her brain can now control rhythmic breathing, digestion and body temperature.  While her bones continue to harden, her little skull contains 5 unconnected, bony plates called fontanels ("little fountains"), which will help in her travels as she's being born. We have just 53 days left until Violetta's expected birthday.  This is week 33 and it feels like last week it was still April - time has flown by.  But my Baby Mama continues to get more beautiful each week!


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  1. She IS Beautiful!!!!! You will have sooooooooo much fun…..Have you done some research on the vaccines? I would like to know if giving them at 3 or 6 months instead of birth may make a difference in the way an infant’s body can handle them? LOVE to you all

  2. Sounds like fun. Glad your mom is there . Wish we all lived a little closer. So your mail helps an is FUN gram

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