We Can’t Wait to Meet You…But We Can Wait!

Yes, this post is a day late - all because our little angel wanted to be early - as in, nearly 8 weeks early!  Looks like along with Daddy's gas genes (she hiccups A LOT), little Violetta also inherited some of his impatient, "I hate being late, let's get there now" genes as well. We're now both hoping that the Peanut inherits some of Momma's "fashionably late" genes too!  Fortunately, our midwife recommended a warm bath, and around 2am the contractions finally subsided.  Momma did a great job of remaining calm while Daddy put on his best "everything is going to be ok" face while timing the contractions.  We can't wait to meet you little Violetta - but we can wait! I got home yesterday after being back in Ohio for my little sister Becca's wonderful wedding.  And although everyone really wanted to see Momma and Baby, they weren't able to make the flight since we're so close to her delivery date - as we obviously learned last night! Being back for the wedding gave me a unique, juxtaposed look at life's journey: I'm getting ready to hold my baby girl's hand, and my Dad was getting ready give away his.  I've read that a girl's father is the first man she loves, and the person she eventually compares potential suitors to.  That statement was incredibly overwhelming when I thought about shouldering such an impossibly enormous responsibility.  Not only do you help shape the person they become - you also play the single most important role in the decision they make in living life "happily ever after".  But after seeing the pure happiness and joy in my sister's face, I couldn't be more excited to have that much influence on our lil' Peanut. Momma is giving me the single greatest gift in life: the opportunity to make lil' Violetta just as happy as my Dad made Becca on her wedding day. Of course when the time comes, I can't imagine how difficult it will be to actually let go.  I can't wait to start my new job as Daddy (my definition of a capital D Daddy)... but like I said before, I can wait! My beautifully radiant sister on her big day - the second most beautiful bride I've ever seen (my Baby Mama of course being number one): 2013-07-13 Becca's Wedding Week 32, and our little Peanut is the size of a pineapple - an adorably cute pineapple that is!  She's tipping the scales at approximately 4 pounds too - so it's also a pretty heavy pineapple.  Space is at a premium in Casa de Mama Belly, and the littlest movements are profoundly felt by Momma and me.  She's also starting to pull her legs more and more into the classic fetal position, and she especially loves to hang out up behind Momma's ribs. We found that a cold ice pack helps move her back down - Momma feels absolutely no guilt in doing this!  Along with teeny tiny toenails forming, the fine hairs that have covered her body (lanugo) are now starting to disappear.  And she's now growing more hair on her head than Daddy can. Here is Annie telling our lil Violetta, "I can't wait to play with you either but even I know you gotta stay in there a little longer!"  Please stay in there for 8 more weeks!


6 thoughts on “We Can’t Wait to Meet You…But We Can Wait!

  1. Made my heart swell, yes stay in there another few weeks young V, we can hang on a little longer before we meet you Ax

  2. What a surprise when you got home!!!! WOW…..keep that little bun in the oven for a little while longer….!!!! Praying for all 3 of you! It was GREAT to see you Todd!!!!!!……..but we sure missed Amelia and Violetta…..LOVE you all…..A. Susan

  3. Dearest Violetta, I agree with your Daddy… I cannot wait to meet you, hold you, and kiss you but PLEASE wait a little longer!

  4. I loved the wedding also My son was fantastic. and his wife put on the beautifull wedding. Also you looked great new daddy. Just did not get to talk to yu long enough. But proud of you . Everything was made better due to Dougs good news and knowing we have a little prince to look forward to Plus you princess

  5. Glad our little future Brickhouse lady decided to stay put for a few more weeks!! Must have been a scary night but you are THAT much closer now to a full term – hang in there Mommy, Daddy and baby! XO

  6. Okay, okay, okay! So, V was all “don’t make a big deal. Just RSVP I can’t make it.” Right? Well, whatever. Somehow, somewhere, someone lost that in translation and one of her people dropped the disco ball. So she felt totally obligated to attend MB DMV Summer Solstice Fashion Week Kickoff in Miami. I mean she’s a diva, but she won’t play the part. So she was like “I have to go. I’m not just no showing and letting these people down.” I mean she is THAT good. Anyway, last minute we did get through to the Roxy Pop Surf people at the Raleigh and told them “Look V is the consummate pro and is going to make the show but she’s like two months out from being ready. Like she has been so hectic busy working on her lines and colors and pulling pieces together for this performance, she cannot even remember when she had some “alone” time. We know she will wow you even now with what she can do, but give her another eight weeks and she will literally have you weeping.” And they were like “Done! We will hold for another eight weeks. Until NYC then?” “Until NYC.” So that’s in a nutshell. That’s what the confusion was about. We explained to V her absence was of course greatly missed but all were more than understanding and really relishing her show stopping, jaw dropping, sold out, uber exclusive September performance. So she agreed to wait. 🙂

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