Baby and the Barbell

This past week our lil' Peanut entered the month of July, and she celebrated Independence Day with us at Auntie Sara's cookout.  Thank you to all those who serve and protect our freedoms!  Along with Lady Liberty's birthday, we now have just about 2 more months left before lil V's birthday too!  While the big "to do" list items in Violetta's room are complete, we've been focusing on all the fun, important details that make it uniquely hers.  And we've been making some changes to the house in preparation for her arrival. I'm a big advocate of staying fit and active for a healthy lifestyle, but I know I'll be spending the vast majority of all my waking, not-at-work time with our tiny bundle of joy and Momma. I thought about how both could coexist - sure I could ask Amelia to watch lil' Peanut while I run over to Nike to workout; but I know I'll rather stay at home and give Momma a break. 2013-07-06 Oly Platform So the answer was actually really simple - bring the gym to the house. Since the "lifting" I do is almost exclusively with a barbell or kettle bell, I built an 8' by 8' Olympic lifting platform - complete with squat stand and a bunch of DIY equipment.  Now I can bring V outside in the garage with me while working out.  Not only was it really fun building the platform and frame, it reminded me of my  summer job installing rubber-surfaced playgrounds in the Midwest's heat and awful humidity*. *Note to Violetta: many years from now while your friends spend their summer college years lounging around the pool or "studying" in Italy like your mother - having a summer job not only builds character and provides structure, it can also have real-life applicability that you may not realize until years down the road.  You can thank us later for providing you these timeless opportunities when you're older. We've also been spending a lot of time getting organized in Violetta's room.  Her changing table is getting filled with onesies and all the baby necessities for efficient changings. Some of the items decorating her room are little mementos from when Amelia was a baby  that her mother had for her. combine_images Her closet is lined with various dresses, shirts and skirts, and lots of other stuff that I'm not sure what it's technically called - just that it's cute.  Cousin Kimmie and Aunt Sara picked out some beautiful clothes for our little girl, and we've uploaded the pictures in Violetta's Closet (along with some vintage dresses Momma picked out).  Thank you so much!  Annie even smell-approved the new booties. IMG_6664 It's week 31 and from now until she's born, Violetta's brain will literally double in weight! While her lungs aren't obtaining fresh oxygen yet, they are metabolically active and make breathing movements 30-40% of the time now. She's getting them ready for crying breathing after she's born, as the alveoli (air sacs) have filled with lung fluid different from amniotic fluid - this special fluid will help her when she empties her lungs during her first breath.  And it's a good thing Momma is getting her Vitamin D, because Violetta's bones are ossifying (hardening) too! Here are Momma and Violetta as we enter the 31st week: Week 31

7 thoughts on “Baby and the Barbell

  1. As a proud father of 4 amazing, and nearly “fully grown” kids I am reminded, with each post, what it looks like to have been organized and prepared. Good to know they all seem to thrive whatever the conditions, and I am certain that your daughter is going to love every thought out detail she is being born into. Now the only question left for me is how do I get on the list to come into this spinning world as your next child! These blog posts are great! Love to you both. Mark

    • Thanks Mark, so glad you enjoy the posts! It’s been a lot of fun – both getting prepared and writing the blog. My favorite part will be turning the blog into a hardcover book for Violetta so that she can see how much fun we had getting ready for her little arrival.

  2. I enjoy sharing this journey with you. Can ‘t wait to see pictures of Baby V! Amelia, you look radiant!

  3. Amelia u look wonderful. Such a beautiful mother to be. Can’t wait to meet baby V and hopefully watch her grow like the other kids in the neighborhood.

  4. Wow!!! What an amazing visit!!!
    KiSaAm was reunited!!!
    Sara put out a great spread! And we got to finally use my tattoo deciphering skills from watching too many episodes of “Gangland” 😉
    Amelia looked radiant! Absolutely, the girl I remember, except a woman! A mom! A beautiful vision of my Aunt Camille, a mirror likeness that caught me off guard and caused my eyes to mist.
    Violetta was glowing, showing off au natural. This soon to be baby of my baby cousin!
    And of course, I got to meet Todd for the first time! What a guy!
    Amelia and Todd compliment one another beautifully! And when I heard, Amelia had conceived through immaculate conception, well all my concerns were put to rest (Oh, I also think it’s great you sleep on the couch, Todd. She is my little cousin, you know?).
    Todd, is everything I could ever hope, ask or want God to provide Amelia with. He is a truly honorable man and a model husband.

    I’m proud to call you my cousin, Todd.
    You did good, Amelia!
    Now, no funny business, you two! 😉

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