That Crib Really Ties the Room Together

As the post's "Big Lebowski"-themed title suggests, this week was all about getting Baby V's room together.  We finalized the space planning location for the crib and changing table, and both were delivered and assembled on Saturday.  And now that my surgically repaired arm is healed, I put my Bob the Builder hard hat on (I actually dressed up as Bob the Builder for Halloween in 2003) and installed baseboard molding in V's room.  I'm happy to say that I (technically) only wasted a single board due to incorrect miter cuts; sure, there were a handful of cuts that I messed up, but I was able to reuse those baseboard pieces for the smaller sections. The room is really coming together as Momma and Auntie Sara combine their fashionable skills to come up with the decoration themes.  I would love to share some of the ideas, but I'd rather wait until they're finished and you can see the pictures.  All I can say is that this will be one beautiful baby nursery. The crib really ties the room togetherThe all-important rocker/glider will go where I'm standing to take the picture. IMG_6599       Above the crib, you'll see various sketches from one of Momma's coworkers, Colleen Kerns (who's middle name ironically is 'Amelia'!).  She has sketched various watercolor ballerina pictures for lil' V and these are the draft printouts.  We'll have the final ones printed in canvas and mounted for framing.  I've asked for a few rock-climbing pictures to represent Daddy's reckless genes!  Aside from her artistic iPad skills, she's also an accomplished photographer and will be taking some family pictures for us - her biggest challenge yet, making Daddy look good! And we also have the first of what will be many 'Baby Gear' reviews live on the site now!  This is an area where I'll review various baby items from a purely functional, Daddy-to-be's point of view.  For me, one of the most important items is the Baby Monitor; so it just made sense that we would review that one first. As with prior weeks in the third trimester, our little Peanut continues to get bigger and bigger.  Her sense of sight is becoming more fine-tuned, and she has even started blinking since she can respond to light and dark!  Her hearing is now able to discriminate between high and low-pitched sounds, so Mommy and Daddy's jumbled words now sound different to her.  Her bone marrow is now producing red blood cells, delivering oxygen rich blood to all of her growing cells in her body.  We've also been feeling a series of small twitches in Momma's belly - this is because Violetta has Daddy's gas genes is now hiccuping!  And of course, the aerial somersaults continue as she fidgets around. Baby Momma Ryan saying hello to week 30! Week 30

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  1. LOVE the artwork……you are blessed to have such talented friends!!!! Watercolors too, my favorite!!!

  2. Amelia looks AMAZING!!!! Todd, despite what you think, you are quite handsome! Your photographer will not have any issue capturing some beautiful family pictures!!!!!!

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