A Manly Man’s Diaper Bag

Today is the last birthday I'll have before being a Daddy.  Even though I won't be able to play with the "best present ever" for a couple more months, I am one happy Daddy-to-be: 2013-06-23 Daddy-to-beWay back when we first learned Amelia was pregnant, I have to be honest I was pretty scared.  Scared because I didn't know if I could ever be as good of a father as my Dad.  Yes, that's a Dad with a capital D - which I believe is different from a lowercase d dad in that: a Dad is a hero to his children; a dad simply fathers children.  My Dad was a super hero in more ways than I could ever begin to write, so yeah, I was afraid if I could provide the same to my little girl (or boy, since we didn't know at the time). However, one of the gifts from Momma and the lil' Peanut made me realize something wonderful.  I got the book, "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters" which is really good - and about 3 pages into it, I realized that I don't need a book to be a great Dad - my Dad and Mom (yes, a capital M Mom) have been preparing me all my life to be a Dad. The other fantastic gifts were: a stamped leather bracelet bearing sweet Violetta's name and a Manly Man's Diaper Bag - not just an ordinary diaper bag.  It's manly in that it is handmade in Oregon by master artisans and it smells like freshly chopped wood by a bearded man clad in flannel during a cold Autumn breeze.  And it can hold 16+ diapers, wipes and an SLR camera with an external flash - you know, the necessities.  Now, I just need to become manly so that I can actually carry it around. 2013-06-23 Manly Man's Diaper Bag Thank you Momma and Violetta!           And thank you Grandpa John for our baby monitor!  I plan on adding a new section to the blog - Gear Reviews - where I'll write reviews about the researched baby gear we get, from the point of view of a guy-who-has-never-used-baby-stuff.  First up, our new baby monitor.  I'm going to swaddle myself up in one of my sleeping bags and play the part of a newborn as Momma controls the camera from her phone. At week 29, Little V continues bulking up and in only the next 11 weeks, she will double in weight!  I swear one day she'll be reading this and say "Daaaaddddd, I can't believe you wrote that I was 'bulking up'!  That's so embarrassing!" But she'll say it with a capital D 'Daaaaddddd' so I'll be ok with it.  The extra fat has smoothed out her skin so that it doesn't look wrinkly anymore, and it will help maintain her body temperature after birth.  Her bones are all fully developed too, but they're still fairly pliable and soft.  And as our lil' Peanut, whose leg strength resembles a future NWSL soccer player or possibly a muay thai kickboxer, now has the muscle coordination to do head-over-heel somersaults; she practices all day long for what appears to be a future stint with Cirque du Soleil. We'll have my Baby Momma week 29 picture up tomorrow night!

3 thoughts on “A Manly Man’s Diaper Bag

  1. You made me cry on this one!!! Your Mom and Dad are truly amazing Hero’s to all 3 of their beautiful and amazing children!!! Happppppppppppy Birthday to you….I remember when YOU were born!!!!!……LOVE you all!!!!!

  2. From what I heard, there is a second diaper bag as well to be seen. Is that correct? Or am I mistaken? If so this would be only the second time ever.

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