Welkom in het derde trimester!

This week is another big milestone as we get closer to asking ourselves "What was that thing we used to do all the time back when it was just you and me?  ...Oh yeah, sleep!", as we are now officially in the third trimester!  When we entered the second trimester, Momma was in Shanghai (Entering into the 孕中期) on a work trip touring some of the factories, looking at product production and prototypes, and other fun stuff.  Ironically, as we enter the third trimester, I'm on a work trip at the Nike European Headquarters just outside of Amsterdam, Netherlands - hence the Dutch "Welkom in het derde trimester" which translates to "Welcome to the third trimester".  I know it seems like we're trying to throw in a little international flair to the trimester graduations, but it's been purely coincidental. During a trip to Gouda, I picked up some clothes for little V.  Gouda is a small city in Amsterdam for which gouda cheese is named after; not because it's made there, but because it was historically traded there.  Aside from the beautiful St. John's Church with its incredible stained glass windows, they also sell some cute newborn girls' clothes:  I love Mommy and Daddy, and "I am sweet/lovable!" Ik ben lief As we continue to get the nursery ready for Violetta, little V is undergoing constant growth. She's nearly 10" long from crown to rump (roughly the size of an eggplant - and yes, I was trying to come up specifically for something purple), and she's tipping the scales around 2 pounds, 4 ounces.  Her eyes are now highly developed and contain both the rods and cones nerve cells.  Rods allow vision in low levels of light; and cones allow the eyes to differentiate color and depth perception.  Since some light does penetrate through Momma's abdomen, Peanut is able to determine different levels of outside brightness!  Her eyes are likely blue right now - however, they won't have their final color until after she's born.  The final formation of eye pigmentation requires exposure to light. It's the seventh inning stretch as we start off our first week in the Third Trimester, week 28! Week 28