Roommate Reunion & Shower

Time seems to have sped up the last few weeks, and I can't believe I'm writing this - but we're now in the last week of the Second Trimester!  Somehow the days are going by faster now, I'm not sure how to prove this - it must be some kind of unexplainable, cosmic shift in the universe or something. Momma spent the weekend in Saugatuck, Michigan for a Baby Shower thrown by her Miami of Ohio college roommates.  Momma shared the shower with her college roommate Sarah, who is also expecting in September.  The girls all had a blast spending time together and reliving fond memories.  However, instead of nursing morning hangovers this time around, the girls were actually nursing - as 5 of the roommates now have little ones of their own.  Here are pictures from their fun weekend. One of the baby shower gifts was actually for Dad - the highly reviewed and recommended baby backpack by Kelty - adventures not included.  But that won't be a problem for this Dad, as I'm already thinking about all sorts of outdoor trips for us.  The suspension system can be custom adjusted to your baby, so he or she bounces along happily enjoying the outdoors as much as you are.  It also includes a sun hood and even a changing pad (along with a ton of other features)!  The changing pad reminds me of the rope ground cloth in my climbing pack - except instead of protecting your rope from damaging debris, it will protect your baby's bare little butt when performing "in the field" doodie duties.  I'd like to thank Kristen, Sue, Kristy, Sarah, Rachel, Mary and Lindsay for this perfect gift: 2013-06-08 Roomies Back home, I missed our nightly story time reading of "Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go!".  Being the techie that I am, I recorded me reading the book on my phone and sent it to Momma.  I had given her a pair of big, over-the-ear earphones "for her plane ride" but had planned all along for them to be used so lil' Violetta could have her story time. Our lil Peanut looks more like a raisin with her wrinkly skin.  But that will all change, as fat deposits will begin to smooth out her skin.  Aside from looking like a raisin, our Peanut is growing more like a weed however, as she has nearly tripled in length since week 12!  All of her tiny 206 bones are in place and assembled.  The joints are not yet connected - but that doesn't stop her from twisting and turning in Momma's belly.  And while Violetta can hear and distinguish noises, it's a probably a good thing she couldn't understand the stories Momma and her roommates were telling. The "About" page has now been updated - answering some of the frequent questions I'm asked, along with some fun questions people can answer about lil' V when she's born. Here's Momma as she smiles happily in week 27: 2013-06-09-week-27