And we’re back!

We are now back - new and much improved!  After close to 20 hours of updates, tweaking and re-tweaking, and even writing some HTML code, the blog has a new, very custom look.  The new blog will let us do so much more and we can't wait to put new things up to let family and friends know how things are going.  I wanted to sketch a violet for Violetta and the main blog picture, but I'm embarrassed to say that I had to rely on Google Images to see what violets look like.  However, I'm now considering cutting off my ear and moving to the south of France - my high school art teacher would be proud. We now have a photo gallery with the weekly Baby Mama pictures, and today we're officially opening Violetta's Closet.  This is a photo gallery featuring some of our favorite clothes Violetta will soon be wearing.  Anyone who has been around me and a camera will know it'll probably be a lot of pictures; like a whole lot of pictures.  And as we add more, I'll put them into various albums for easier viewing, like: "dresses", "onesies and undies", and "Daddy has absolutely no idea what this is, but Mommy calls it a [something]".  In the Closet gallery, our viewers with a keen eye will notice that yes, that is 6m cordellette often used in Dad's mountaineering and climbing trips - and now, his Daughter's clothesline cord. Violetta continues to say hi to Momma often and strong enough that we're now thinking soccer or muay thai kick boxing could be possible career paths for our lil' Peanut.  Week 26 has lil' V's senses developing more, and she can now taste and smell.  Of course, now that she can smell (me) that definitely explains why she's kicking so much more - Daddy stinks!  I'm sorry Violetta and Mommy!  Studies have now verified that sweet substances inserted into the amniotic fluid will cause a baby to swallow more, but bitter substances will make her swallow less.  And in classic retail "buy 2, get 1 free" fashion - along with her taste and smell, she'll start using her eyesight this coming week! This picture was right after Momma had to take some Robitussin DM.  Hands down one of the funniest, most endearing things I've ever seen.  Grandpa John, now I know why you'd laugh when she had to take cough medicine as a child!  Week 26 here: 2013-06-02-week-26

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