Oh “Baby U”, Got What I Need!

And I don't mean the comedic 1989 hip hop hit "Just a Friend" by Biz Markie.  If you get this reference, you're likely in your 30's and spent your pre-teen and teenage years listening to Milli Vanilli, NKOTB (no need to spell that out) and Boyz II Men along with Mr. Markie.  These groups were often heard on the cassette deck my brother and I owned.  For our younger readers who don't know what a "cassette deck" is, I'm sorry to say you missed out on the greatest invention in dating - the mix tape.  But I digress... Momma and Ol Dad felt like we were back in college all over again today, because we enrolled ourselves in "Baby U" - as in Baby University.  There's definitely a trend in my posts as to how very little I know about what to expect - today was no different.  I knew we would take a baby prep class, but didn't realize how many classes there are.  We're probably two credits away from being full-time students this summer semester, after signing up for: - Preparation for Birth: covers all aspects of childbirth including: the anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy, the labor and birth process, signs and stages of labor, and so on.  Hopefully they also go over stuff Daddy should and shouldn't do during delivery to avoid getting a quick jab in the ribs from Mommy. - Breastfeeding Basics: *inappropriate jokes added by Daddy, edited out by Mommy. - Newborn Care: this covers hospital procedures, newborn characteristics, sleep issues and calming a crying baby.  Using doll models, we'll learn the basics of bathing, diapering, swaddling, and umbilical cord care.  I love packing a backpack as efficiently as possibly - for some reason, I feel like I'm going to love swaddling Peanut. - Infant CPR: we get hands-on training in infant CPR and choking; and learn how to perform rescue breathing, CPR and choking maneuvers for infants, birth to 12 months using the latest AHA guidelines. - Infant Safety: we learn how to avoid injuries and keep our lil' Nut safe at home, in the car and everywhere we go.  We'll be seasoned vets when we fly back to Ohio over Christmas! - Baby Basics: this is a Nike offered class that will help us maximize our FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and banked vacation to spend as much time with our new born newborn. - Dunstan Baby Language: If you're like me, you have no idea what Dunstan Baby Language means.  Well...apparently, babies have 5 distinctive cries (Wikipedia link), and the good folks over at Nike have a class to teach us how to hear and respond to them. Week 24 has little Peanut getting ready for her time outside Mommy's belly.  Her circulatory system continues to expand, particularly the blood vessels in her lungs.  Those lungs are also producing surfactant, a substance that keeps the air sacs from collapsing and sticking together when she exhales.  I'm sure her exhales will be joined with lots of crying - but at least we'll be able to understand what she's yelling at politely asking us for. Momma continues to feel great and has been happily enjoying the second trimester.  While exercising leaves her temporarily winded, the extra 4 pints of blood pumping through her veins gives her ample energy as we get the house prepared for lil Peanut's arrival.  Citrus fruits and juices continue to make lil' Violetta dance around in Momma's belly.  And the little baby movements are becoming more pronounced; during our nightly story time to her, she's even responding to my voice! Here we are at week 24: 2013-05-19 Week 24

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