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This week marked an important time in our journey to no-sleep-ville, population 3!  Our lil' bun  is over half cooked  in Momma's easy-no-bake oven! 2013-05-01 Week 21 Ultrasound We were able to see lil Violetta during our 20 week appointment.  Logging a 143 bpm heart rate and nearly 3/4 pounds, Violetta is right on track.  Acting like the little lady she is, her ankles were crossed in many of the ultrasound images.  Along with her little manners, we saw a lot of movement because Peanut had the hiccups!  It was really cute watching her bob around in Momma's belly.  And ol' Dad proudly saw strong core muscles and proper fast-twitch, neuromuscular recruitment from those hiccups!
Many important developments also happened this week - little Violetta can now swallow, which allows her to absorb glucose and water from the amniotic fluid.  And although the spleen and liver have been the exclusive provider of her blood cells, her bone marrow has now kicked in the blood cell production as well.  The USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) would most definitely label Momma a blood doper at this point due to the additional 3 pounds of blood she's gained!  After this baby is born, I'm thinking Meli has a shot on the US cycling team!  Our lil' Peanut's reproductive organs are now developed and over 4 million little immature egg cells are already in place.  Not that I'm trying to rush grandchildren or anything - our baby isn't even born yet! With all this movement and growth, things have been equally busy back at home.  Freshly cleaned carpets and two coats of interior paint have brightened up the house considerably.  Baby Peanut's room is now getting stocked with the tiniest imaginable clothing.  Seriously, these things are laughably cute.  I would guess that line planning baby clothing is the most stress free retail clothing job imaginable - just looking at the tiny clothes puts you at ease.  And yesterday, lil Violetta learned another important life-long lesson: never pay full price for anything!  After a couple phone calls with Pottery Barn Kids sales associates, we were able to save nearly 25% on her crib and changing table! We are now "space planning" Vi's room with her crib and changing table - which means I get 'arts and crafts' time!  I made an exact to-scale 1/40th replica of Peanut's room and new baby furniture (only length and width - I didn't have time to make them to 'height' proportions...yet).  While "east" is marked on the cutout, I'll be measuring and drawing in sun-ray lines from the east-facting window, so that we will know the exact positioning to keep the bright rays away from our sleeping baby - and hopefully get an extra few minutes of precious sleep. Baby Room Layout My healthy baby momma and baby at week 22: 2013-05-05 Week 22 Baby Momma

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    • I just adore you two..Brady and iI could not be happier and happy to help in any way;) ♥ you 3;)

  1. Good idea to think this through now – Mike and my dad had to rearrange Abby’s room while she and I were in the hospital because we, as blockheaded parents-to-be, had her crib too close to a window where she could reach the cords to the blinds (I think my mom, a pro, let out an audible gasp when she saw the nursery for the first time). Luckily, it was fixed before Abby ever saw her room, and we learned our lesson…

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