The Chair of all chairs

Week 19 has been busy!  While I'm still recovering from the shoulder surgery, Super Momma has been taking amazing care of both Violetta and me.  I wish I could tell you hilariously odd food cravings that Meli has been having, but there aren't any.  Lil' Peanut's inherited traits may be showing already as she's often asking Momma for fresh fruit - strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, in a "Oh dear God, I need fruit now!   Right now!" a sweet, little, angelic voice "Mommy, might I trouble you for some more fresh berries pwease?" which is extra cute because she can't pronounce the "L" sound yet.  I'm so proud she already has such nice manners when it comes to asking Momma for something.  Her love of fruit is shared by all, and it's not uncommon for us to easily polish off double Peanut's weight in berries in a single night! And that easily explains the rapid growth spurt our  lil' Peanut is going through.  She'd probably be so upset with me for writing this, but she has been packing on the weight!  She's gained nearly 30%  in the last week alone, and is now hovering around half a pound.  The rest of her body is catching up to that Papa-sized noggin and she's not nearly as top heavy now.  With the increased size, Peanut is quickly maxing out her home.  Momma is now feeling  kicks, flips and bumps daily!  Also, the incredibly tiny little whorls on her finger and toe pads have now formed, and her fingerprint is just as infinitely unique as she is. We've continued the baby room researching.  I'm happy to confirm that Pottery Barn Kids indeed uses dovetails in their baby furniture.  Yep, they just reeled in this dad.  Bravo, PBK, bravo.  Along with the crib and changing table, we have started researching the all-important rocking chair (or possibly glider).  More prayers will be said on that chair than likely anywhere else; ranging from "please God keep our baby safe" to "please God just make her stop crying".  Growing up, I learned how important it was to have a nice, comfortable chair to sit in while rocking  your baby.  While Ma would feed baby Becca in her rocker, I would sit in my little rocking chair and feed my baby doll.  This was a rare toddler Todd moment where I convincingly resembled a good little boy. Toddler Todd And here's a picture of beautiful wife and mother at week 19.  There's an incredible baby in there!  Next week, we'll have our "week 20 ultrasound" appointment.  We can't wait to see our precious angel again! Momma in Week 19

2 thoughts on “The Chair of all chairs

  1. Glider shopping was our most difficult of all furniture purchases. Needed something with a tall enough back for Daddy to be comfy as well. We ended up with a Dutalier glider/ottoman and love it! You’re right, many hours spent and prayers said in that chair 😉

  2. Todd, even as a toddler your AMAZING Mom was preparing you for this day, you are going to be the BEST DAD!!!! Hugs to you and Amelia!

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