Berries and Crib Shopping

We're now in the 18th week and boy girl has it been exciting!  Little Violetta is growing and growing in Momma's belly, and she now understands the phrase "growing pains" better than anyone.  Here is beautiful Momma and Violetta at 17 weeks and 3 days: Week 18 Our lil' Peanut's taste buds are now developed and she can tell the difference between sweet and bitter.  But if you ask me, she's all sweet!  Her baby appetite loves strawberries and strawberries.  Whether it's strawberries with a bit of sugar to match lil Violetta's natural sweetness, or pancakes and fresh-cut strawberries, or strawberries with a side of strawberries - our littlest angel can't get enough of them. Along with the itty-bitty taste buds, two other senses are kicking in: hearing and sight.  Nerve endings from her brain are connecting to her ears, and she can hear Momma's heart beat, tummy rumblings and even loud noises outside.  That's good because loud noises are the only ones I know how to make!  And her eyes are now sensitive to brightness, and she is starting to shield them when exposed to bright lights. Yesterday, the three of us went crib shopping.  I have never been in a baby store, so I had no idea what to expect - and figured I'd go in with my Bob the Builder hat on.  Inspecting the structure and sturdiness of the crib while also taking in the crib's aesthetic appeal was surprisingly a ton of fun.  The poor girl helping us didn't stand a chance  and additional help was brought in to answer my onslaught of questions: whether the joints were mortised, doweled, etc. to how much weight can it handle if a little girl is jumping on the crib-converted-to-a-bed.  I already know she'll want to jump on her bed - I mean, I still like jumping onto our bed!  After deciding on the crib, next up was the all-important changing table; we decided on the same product line as the crib.  I'll build custom shelves to fit perfectly with the changing table and the dimensions of the baby room, and have started looking at router bits to match the framework moulding. Despite some shoulder pain, I was having a great time.  And you keen observers may notice 'Lambie' in the crib - had to make things as realistic as we could while shopping! 2013-04-13 Crib Shopping

4 thoughts on “Berries and Crib Shopping

  1. Meli – you look breath-taking! I love you all three 🙂 Can’t say I love you both anymore!!!

  2. Time is flying…adorable pic. Like the crib you chose and Lambie! Cannot wait for more details on the nursery. Love you three!!!

  3. I love getting to see little peanut grow by the day, I swear she doubled in size over the weekend – maybe it was all of the excitement over picking out her new crib! She is one lucky little girl:)

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