Why I’m the Happiest Daddy

This is a selfish post, because it's all about why Ol' Dad is so excited to have a baby girl.  To kick things off, I'll let Mr. Simon sing a little diddy (click for the song Father and Daughter by Paul Simon). Now, some of you may have heard me saying that I was hoping for a boy, but let me officially set the record straight.  I had always wanted a little girl; I said boy because I couldn't share my reasons for a girl until I knew we were having one.  Don't get me wrong - I know all of the things to look out for, and you better believe that I will be overly protective of my perfect little angel.  But here is why I'm so excited to have a Daddy's girl... I know nothing about babies.  I've never changed a single diaper and only in the past year have I held a baby.  I was always afraid I'd drop it or do something irrevocably bad.  I couldn't be more excited now.  And having a girl will be a super easy excuse for me to go totally over the top with the goo-goo and gaa-gaa's.  Yes, I will totally be that emotionally connected father - and it's probably more socially acceptable when your baby is a girl. But the biggest reason is this: I believe having a baby girl will give Amelia a bond with her mother, Camille, that she wouldn't have had with a boy.  Early in her young childhood, Amelia was blessed with a wonderfully loving mother who instilled a nurturing instinct.  As Amelia raises little Violetta, memories and experiences she had with her mother will shine through.  Our precious baby girl will learn and see what a wonderful person Camille was through Amelia.  And Amelia will learn about and feel more connected with her mother as those loving, maternal instincts that were instilled so long ago take over while raising our little girl. In a few short years, Amelia will be sitting with Violetta just like she did so many years ago with her mother, Camille... Valentine's Day - Camille and Amelia And that is why I wanted a girl all along.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m the Happiest Daddy

  1. Tears of admiration and joy flowing freely down these cheeks as I listen to your song and read this post! I am overwhelmingly happy for Violetta to have deeply devoted parents… and grandparents!

  2. And I’m crying… So perfectly and beautifully said… Couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of your little angel! And Gia is pretty excited to meet her new BFF, too 🙂

  3. What a beautiful note, Todd. I, too, have joined the ranks of people who cry after reading this. You’re right about Camille – she instilled loving, nurturing instincts into her daughters that will make them amazing mothers… especially to daughters. Camille had a profound impact on many of us in our family, and I know her light will be shining on Violetta. Your love for Amelia and Violetta are abundantly clear, by your excitement and wishes over having a little girl. Abigail is excited to have a new cousin in the family, too! 🙂

  4. It’s awesome to see you guys go through this awesome journey. Can’t wait to see the little peanut. Girls rule !!

  5. Todd, we just adore the heck out of you two..this made me cry, so true, such precious words..Your baby girl is the luckiest little girl to come into the loving world of Todd and Amelia. We just cannot wait!! I am so excited we live so close!! Love you two:) You are about to embark on the most amazing love you have ever felt:) Love you two–Tawni and Brady

  6. I too loved Camille. She was a wonderful mother and a friend. I congratulate on the birth of your Violetta. Amelia will also be a wonderful nother

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