Meet our little baby GIRL!

WELL, news is out!  Those at Grandma's "Peanut Deshelled" party just learned that two very proud parents-to-be, Mommy and Daddy, are having a little girl! We're so excited for everyone to know that we're having a beautiful baby girl!  This is unquestionably and absolutely the only time ever that I will ever be ok with having a naked picture of my daughter online - not to bring up the matter that I'm the one posting it...  But here is the "without a doubt" proof that we're having a little girl! I'm a girl! There she is - lil Peanut showing off the goods for everyone to see!  No question about it, Peanut is our brand (butt) spankin' new baby girl!

5 thoughts on “Meet our little baby GIRL!

  1. !!!!!!!! SOOOO excited! yipeee! woohoo!!!! can’t wait to go shop for some cute girlie things!
    congrats you guys!

  2. SO excited for you both … and I am a bit biased, but girls are the BEST! This blog is great – thanks so much for sharing your experience. Now one request … more pictures of the pregnant woman! Lots of love to Meals, Todd and all those pets. XOXOXO

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