Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to Peanut!  Unofficially, this is Peanut's first Easter, and a special one at that.  Because we're now barreling down the 17th week, and on Wednesday we'll find out which egg is Peanut's! Boy or Girl? Yes, the above picture is real.  I actually wrote "Penis" and "Boobies" on two separate eggs and then colored them blue and pink, respectively and (in)appropriately.  I believe that this picture could be 100% submissible in a court room as evidence that I have the mental capacity of an 8 year old.  Peanut will not be Amelia's first child - it will be her second... While Momma and ol' Dad will find out Wednesday which egg will be Peanut's, the official Reveal Party will be this Saturday at Grandma and Ol' Man River's house!  That's right, this Saturday from 3 to 8pm, a party will be thrown with a very special cake.  Inside the cake will be either blue or pink filling and everyone will get to know at the same time!  And it's not just about the sex either - there will be games including, "Buy a Day to Determine Peanut's Birth Date" and "Guess the Weight of Peanut Ryan" contests, as well as other silly games, fun and homemade food (lasagna, salad and homemade bread)! In addition to the colored eggs, Peanut has a growing cadre of stuffed animals!  A very special thank you to Auntie Sawa (because Peanut can't pronounce an "R" yet) and Gwandma! Baby Friends The first is a little bunny rabbit named "Howard B. Wigglebottom", a gift from Gwandma.  You may be wondering why he has such a formal name with a middle initial, a la "Samuel L. Jackson".  The similarities end there, as unlike Mr. Jackson, little Howard is a character in children's books who learns and teaches various, real-life skills.  The other two are gifts from Auntie Sawa; a little Lamb called "Goes well with a side of garlic mashed potatoes" I mean "Lambie", and a baby bear called "Peanut".

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Cannot wait to hear about the Reveal Party details! Aunt Sawa will do her best to join add to festivities in Portland to celebrate! 6 days and counting!

  2. Yes, Howard B. Wigglebottom is going to have his hands full teaching ol’ Dad… wondering if there is a book titled, “Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Potty Words”. Gwandma and Ol’ Man Wivers are getting the house ready for Saturday’s excitement… hmmm, “chocolate pudding ala pampers” relay race!

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