Two Thumbs Up!

Two weeks later after traveling back from the future, Momma and Peanut have safely made it back home!  They had a nice time - but constant travel, little sleep and very few food options left both very glad to be back home.   And despite Vegas odds at -250 that I'd do something that would require hiring a professional repairman, the house was still intact and I hadn't lost any of our pets.  In fact, I even did a few improvements: including installing new shelves in the garage for all of Peanut's new stuff and repainted the baseboards - an endeavor that I hope never to do, ever again. After watching a Home Depot commercial about how I could save more, yet magically do more at the same time - I figured I'd roll the dice with the paint brush.  To keep this from turning into a long-running rant, let's just say that my idea of painting was buying some sponge brushes and a can of paint.  For something so detailed oriented, I couldn't have been less prepared.  Thankfully Old Man Rivers Ryan helped his son out and told me what a catastrophic path I was heading down and helped me get the right stuff.  Crisis averted and Momma was happily surprised at how good the baseboards looked! Amelia is a magician with a magic luggage bag.  I have no idea how she fits so much stuff in there.  She could bring home a school of fish in there and somehow they would survive.  Instead, she fit a lot of really fun stuff for Peanut.  Here are some of the cute onesies: 2013-03-24 Onesies Peanut hasn't been relaxing during all of this travel either.  Weighing in at nearly a quarter pound and the size of an avocado, it's beginning to develop many of the 206 bones in the human body; although many of them are still unconnected at this time.  Peanut is also settling in, and tiny movements like kicking its legs and moving about its arms have started too - Momma can't yet feel these lil' Peanut-sized movements yet.  And the biggest change of all is the lil' Nut now has one very important feature - opposable thumbs! Yes, Peanut can now officially approve of this Baby Blog and give it two, very, very tiny thumbs up!  It can also grasp things too, but those thumbs are much better used for showing its overall approval of ol' Dad's writing!

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  1. cuuuuute!!!! i actually saw peanut and mom in the future (in hong kong) and they both looked awesome! and so stylish!!! and- who knew todd ryan was such the wordsmith!!!??? i love this!!!

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