Peanut Travels into the Future

Sitting at my desk here at Nike, out in Beaverton, OR, the time is 12:30pm.  However for Meli and the Peanut in China, it's 3:30am tomorrow!  Peanut McFly is in the future!  While no DeLoreans or a kooky Doc Brown were involved, both Mom and baby made it safely during their nearly day-long travel to Hong Kong.  Lots of good movies helped make the flight pass smoothly.  Peanut has learned about everything from bipolar disorder (Silver Linings Playbook) to video games and how being a 'bad guy' doesn't mean you have to be a 'bad' guy (Wreck it Ralph). And, as if expectations for little Peanut weren't high enough - ol' Dad here is trying to rush Peanut through its development plan a bit early.  At the end of this week, we can celebrate Peanut graduating from the first trimester.  Poor kid isn't even born yet, and already is expected to exceed expectations! Along with its graduation, Peanut has been packing on the pounds.  Its weight has increased nearly 60% since last week as Momma tries to keep up with its growing, ravenous appetite the 'Nut commands.  Baby Peanut has also been making some renovations to its home.  The placenta is now well developed and has been providing a fresh blood stream for the little vampire, as well as much-needed nutrients.  The home is also producing all kinds of hormones vital to Peanut's growth, and the placenta acts as a shielding barrier to Momma's immune system - which would otherwise think it was an invading parasite. Peanut and its new onesie - Meli said she thought of the bear story from a trip to the Tetons that Doug and I took a few years ago... bear onesie

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  1. Peanut flew business class I heard! The expectations from Peanut are going to be high too!!! Haha! Love the onesie and glad to hear they are safe and sound. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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