Back home and packing for China!

Peanut has now crossed international borders after its first trip up North.  Peanut definitely enjoyed the trip as Momma's morning sickness quieted down.  While Peanut didn't rush headlong down the mountain on skis, the lil 'Nut did get to play outside.  With three days of heavy snowfall, the conditions were perfect for a fun, safe "sled" ride with Momma - Great White North style! Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.44.11 PM   With Peanut's metabolism-regulating thyroid gland now working, Peanut frequently reminded Meli that like Dad, needs to eat all the time!  The nervous system is also integrating with Peanut's muscular system too, so it definitely needs all the food it can get.  From saltine cracker breakfasts to multi-course dinners, Peanut was able to get all kinds of baby-safe, tasty treats.  And lots of rest too, as the morning sickness took a vacation too and Momma was able to get a lot of much appreciated rest! After getting home, it's been a wild rush unpacking, washing and then packing again for Momma and Peanut's world tour as they leave for Hong Kong this Friday.