Growing up and Globe Trotting

It's been way too long since the initial post.  We'll be doing a much better job of keeping you all informed on the Peanut's growth and as new Mom and Dad get the house ready for its arrival. While we haven't had any new appointments with the midwife, Peanut has been VERY BUSY.  In fact, it's no longer an "embryo" but now is classified as a "fetus".  Or as I like to call it: a "feedme", as Meli has developed a voracious, Todd-like appetite where little Peanut frequently reminds her that she's now eating for two.  The morning sickness is now showing up less frequently, and we keep a stash of saltine crackers near the bed to help keep it at bay (thanks Grammie and Mom for this tip!). The lil 'nut is now the size of a small plum, approximately 2 inches.  All of its major organs are there, and even the vital body systems (circulatory, respiratory and digestive) have been laid out.  From here on out, the development is mostly about getting big; looks like the "training to get bigger" is innate for this lil' Ryan and already taking after ol' Dad.  In the next 7 months, its weight will multiply by up to 1,000 times!  And in 3 weeks, the "feedme" will double in length!  It's also looking less alien-like and more human; the little amphibian tail is now gone too.  While the head is still large compared to the rest of the body (much like Papa!), there is now a noticeable neck.  It is even starting to form hair follicles underneath its skin surface!  At this point, Peanut probably has more hair than Dad.  And get this - Peanut is even growing fingernails and toenails! On top of all this growth, little Peanut is getting ready to travel across the globe.  We'll be leaving for Whistler, British Columbia this Saturday for a week long break from work.  And then after that, Mom and Peanut will be traveling to China for work for 2 weeks.  Fortunately, we can forgo the Visa process for a few more months.  I'll have another post in about a week when we get back, and then we'll be posting updates while Peanut hops around Shanghai and Hong Kong.   Peanut Lil' Peanut, a baby nut amongst a family of nuts!

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  1. I am so glad to hear our Peanut is exceeding all expectations, but I would not expect anything less! Love the blog and the updates. Have a great time in Whistler and keep us posted on China. Lots of hugs and prayers,
    Aunt Sara

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