Plus 1

About 6 years ago, we created a wedding blog called “Ryan’s Out West”.  Well, the two “Ryan’s Out West” have decided it’s about time to grow up and add a third; little Peanut Ryan.  On Tuesday, February 5th, we were introduced to Peanut during our first ultrasound appointment. Not only did we get our first look at the little gummy bear, we got to hear it too!  Our midwife said that they like heart rates above 120bpm - and lil' Peanut did not disappoint.  The heart rate clocked in at 170bpm!  Yep, ol Papa Todd is already bragging about the above average heart rate! Here is our first meeting with the lil' Peanut...

10 thoughts on “Plus 1

  1. You are so darn funny. Above avg Hzrz. Congrats, saw the Ultra Sound I’m saying a boy. Do you remember a story that you told when your Mom was pregnant with Becca. I’ll remind you later. Probably not good on a blog. Your mom showed us all the US, when Papa saw it He really did tear up. We are so happy for you both. Love UC

  2. So if Bekah and I get pregnant we need to shoot for 180 bpm, haha! You don’t have much time to create a harness that will allow you to swing the baby like a Kettlebell. I have some ideas. Love you both and can’t wait to watch the journey. Cheers Doug and Bekah Lynn

  3. Todd and Amelia, we are so happy for you both and are looking forward to Lil’ Peanut’s arrival. I’m already thinking about a photo statue…hmmm, maybe karate or rock climbing venue.

  4. Congratulations!!! The two of you will be amazing parents. You are both lucky to have had phenomenal role models and loving families. I am so looking forward to another baby to love on. I have knitting projects all lined up. Sending lots of hugs….. Aunt Betty

  5. Congrats! How exciting!! I really dig the private blog thing considering I don’t use facebook.

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